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Transitions-pay day

The first pay day of my new job is today. It includes a small monthly supplement to cover beverages and snacks. The situation is looking good, and I foresee regular work here, and work that may be more interesting than before.

I hoped for it but did not expect to see any progress in my career at my age and after returning to Canada, but it looks like it is happening. This program is different than others I've worked for, and it is an expanding business. That is a welcome change from teaching general English in shrinking programs with shrinking enrollments!

Transitions - optimism rising

Despite the gloom and rain of November in Vancouver, a time when Canada sees its highest number of deaths, I am once again feeling my optimism rise as my birthday (mid-December) approaches. It can feel sad in November when we remember the dead, and some of my relatives, friends and colleagues including my parents have passed during November. Nevertheless, my energy is on the rise.

As I said at the start of this blog, while I was introducing my blog project called "A Year of Living Positively" in December, 2013, the year's end is a natural time for reflection and planning.

Transition-Making my Next Move

Feeling strong. Lots of precious positive moments. Today, for example, a wonderful intimate chat with my lovely hairdresser about helping people, who to help and who to let go. As another example, my present house custodian expressed disappointment when I gave my notice at the start of June, but he has found a decent guy to take my place, while I have a few hot leads on good suites in great locations. Further to those example, I am enjoying a car-share service at a very affordable rate and have taken care of errands and gone on an outing with relatives in need already.

Transition - Positive Spin

From one angle, people might think I am not doing very well. Returning to my home province after a decade's absence, I have neither a full-time job nor steady self-employment after five months here, and I am still rooming in temporary, shared lodgings.

On the other hand, let's be positive and realistic by examining signs of my progress.

1.While I haven't been writing much, not even this blog, my website has had over 168,000 views, around 167,000 having accumulated since I started this blog around the start of 2014.

Eye of the Optimist-2016 for me


This website: It drew over 1,600 views yesterday, on December 30, 2016. The total number of views of the site reached about 145,000. Most of that viewership arose out of the publishing of my blog, which started near the start of 2014. Prior to the blog-writing, the site had only attracted around 1,500, to the best of my recollection. My blog may not be well known, but starting it certainly was helpful in earning attention to my website. Some of the viewership has been stimulated by my job searches, I am sure.

Eye of the Optimist-New 5 year plan

I set a 5-year plan three years ago. It's time to review and rebuild it to cover the next 5 years.

In accordance with the original plan drawn up three years ago, I am preparing to abide by one of two pledges, namely to stop teaching in Korea and move back to Canada. Just a few days ago, I began listing my personal belongings that I want to sell or give away, for which I took and uploaded photos of my stuff, and have already given away a few items. I have already transferred most of my savings from Korea to Canada.

Eye of the Optimist-Birthday outcomes

Yesterday was my birthday and everything went well. It was a full and lively day. A brother called me in the morning and we had a good chat. The parties I had announced were successful. Invitees responded well and with love, even though many are not aware that the motives for holding the parties is also to express farewells. There were additional bonuses to the day; for one thing, I was informed of an opportunity to have a job interview, and I received three very positive comments to my blog.

The noon-hour office gathering brought 4 members of the profs' hiking group, a small super class, and the best of my friends and neighbours from among my colleagues.

Eye of the Optimist-Big birthday

It is the eve of my birthday, three years since I started this positive thinking blog project. I have come a long way and things are right on track. I am working on two of my five-year goals: moving back to Canada and establishing myself in the publishing field, particularly as a pro writer.

I have been experiencing periods of nervousness, anxiety, sadness, annoyance, peace and exuberance about this time of change. I have long since come to terms with aging through the middle years, and this method of positive thinking reflection and planning has certainly helped a lot.

Eye of the Optimist-leave 'em wanting more

I say, leave them wanting more. It is best to make a departure on a high note.

When students want more when you end the class, it is the best all-round applause. You know you are an effective and well-loved teacher when they hang around instead of running out the door at the earliest opportunity. When they sit there staring with disappointment that you are bringing the class time to a close, it gives a teacher a great sense of fulfillment.

I may have mentioned it before, but it is worth mentioning it again.

Eye of the Optimist-My Skills

I sense that today's science might be anti-intellectual. Certainly, an arts degree is not seen as very practical and useful. I, for instance, hold arts degrees, and family members and acquaintances sometimes indicate that they do not understand the skills this education has brought me, through study and related work experience. My education has brought me many new experiences, in which I have attained extensive knowledge and skills.

This attitude really rubs me the wrong way, so I want to set the record straight.

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