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Chauvinism is a group’s implementation of prejudice against others in order to assert its self-declared superiority and dominate. It is thus wider than the term prejudice in that it reflects more than an attitude or negative idea of another group; it expresses the rationalized intended power over others assumed to be inferior, often based on prejudices such as racism or communalism. 
In this article, I use my knowledge as a holder of a graduate degree in anthropology, the study of culture, as well as my informal education as a long-time anti-imperialist activist, plus my personal experience as a resident abroad.

half-way 2020

Half-way through 2020. No need to point out the extraordinary happenings of this year for people in general. How am I fairing? More than coasting and keeping up--I continue to grow.

As I have said before, the pandemic crisis coincided with my transition into official senior status. I am not 65 yet, but I have been psyching myself up, planning finances, shifting my lifestyle and identity, and creating a nest for the new life phase.

Financially speaking:
 I have some, though not ample, savings. I am already getting a senior's rental benefit, which was adjusted in the first quarter.

International Women's Alliance

The International Women's Alliance (IWA) was an idea for action that came out of a workshop of the International League of Peoples' Struggles assembly in Hong Kong in 2008. The IWA founding meeting happened in 2010. It is an independent alliiance of organizations and individuals who address the particular problems of women as rooted in the exploiting and oppressive global system. It thus sees its struggles as part of a larger struggle connected to other liberation and democracy struggles with a view to fundamentally change the global system.

reject nobility

Now the major corporate media are trying to keep the discussion about racism away from systemic change. (Dare we say, "Revolution?") They are welcoming the upper class or upper class wannabes and their frustrations about not making it to the upper crust of society as the spokespersons for the movement because of their racial identity. One network rep even insisted that the dreams of the coloured and minorities should be about capitalism and their efforts to climb the ladder of capitalist success should not be unfairly dragged down by racial discrimination.

roots of oppression

Don't wanna hear one more talk show host confess what they're just learning now about oppression against people of colour. They can be heard telling "us" (?ASSUMPTIONS!) that we have to pay more attention and be more sensitive. Making pledges to (finally) use "their platforms" (very rich and privileged) to listen to black and brown people and help making change happen. Really? They didn't know about the difficulties facing working people of colour and migrant workers before?


Empires are always calling upon the people to make sacrifices of themselves for the empire. The demand is framed as a duty. It appeals to the altruistic tendencies of people and good people find themselves complying out of concern and to feel good.

I question the ideal of sacrifice of both old empires and new. An underlying assumption of it is that many people are dispensable, which is itself grounded in the premise of inequality. From this perspective, inequality is a necessity and even natural. In this world view, there is a desrving elite who merit privilege and subservience from the rest of the population.

state of the world


The global scenario: acute crisis and inter-imper contradictions. The COVID-19 pandemic has conflagrated it ILPS studies of state responses to the pandemic conffirm the disasters wrought by neo-liberal austerity and privatization policies which have crippled health care systems and put workers in even greater peril around the world.  The military-industrial complex, the engine of monopoly capitalism, including big pharma, seek to exploit the crisis, destroy progress and steal more resources from state, natural environment and labour to keep profits flowing.

work at home

I have been thinking about the perspective of working at home and spending more time at home. For some three centuries, Westerners have gotten used to working mostly outside the home. The distinction between private and public has widened, as a consequence. Even farming has been industrialized and monopolized, so that farm work is often outside of one's home and for someone else. Work has been for somebody else or at least for a business rather than a central activity of the home from an employee or business person's perspective.


Statement of theVenezuelaPeaceandSolidarityCommitteeofVancouver


The Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver (VPSC) steadfastly defends the Venezuelan Bolivarian government's swift action to put down a contingent of armed mercenaries on May 3. It has the right to defend its borders and territories, and act against attacks on its people and space. 

The foreign affairs ministry of Venezuela reports: "In the early hours of May 3, 2020, the Venezuelan Armed Force and the National Bolivarian Police repelled the incursion of a group of armed mercenaries into the coastal state of La Guaira.

Wild Animal Markets

Given that the source of the COVID-19 pandemic could well be live animal markets in China, especially those selling wild animals, I have been playing a small part in discouraging wild animal markets.

There are many good reasons to close them down. First of all, numerous zoonotic diseases can easily sprout from them. In conditions of such markets are on the whole deplorable, with multiple, acutely stressed animals stacked into small cages without proper cleaning, that probability is heightened. Just do a simple "Google" to check and see images of these horrid sights yourself.

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