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I live in an old, small wood-framed apartment building constructed in the 40s or 50s which is situated a green-looking area of a major suburb. It is tucked into the corner of the municipality beside a small mountain and near the seashore, just north of a wetland area and a couple of lakes. Walking and cycling paths lay all around the area and there are a couple of small shopping plazas and a community centre nearby, along with primary and secondary schools. This area is therefore a quieter part of the metropolis where families in grand and modest homes dwell as well as couples and single occupants in a few low-rises.

International Women's Alliance

The International Women's Alliance (IWA) was an idea for action that came out of a workshop of the International League of Peoples' Struggles assembly in Hong Kong in 2008. The IWA founding meeting happened in 2010. It is an independent alliiance of organizations and individuals who address the particular problems of women as rooted in the exploiting and oppressive global system. It thus sees its struggles as part of a larger struggle connected to other liberation and democracy struggles with a view to fundamentally change the global system.

reject nobility

Now the major corporate media are trying to keep the discussion about racism away from systemic change. (Dare we say, "Revolution?") They are welcoming the upper class or upper class wannabes and their frustrations about not making it to the upper crust of society as the spokespersons for the movement because of their racial identity. One network rep even insisted that the dreams of the coloured and minorities should be about capitalism and their efforts to climb the ladder of capitalist success should not be unfairly dragged down by racial discrimination.

roots of oppression

Don't wanna hear one more talk show host confess what they're just learning now about oppression against people of colour. They can be heard telling "us" (?ASSUMPTIONS!) that we have to pay more attention and be more sensitive. Making pledges to (finally) use "their platforms" (very rich and privileged) to listen to black and brown people and help making change happen. Really? They didn't know about the difficulties facing working people of colour and migrant workers before?

13 things to stay positive

Good tips for staying positive and on course in life.


9:252020-04-06 · 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON'T DO by Amy Morin 

Wild Animal Markets

Given that the source of the COVID-19 pandemic could well be live animal markets in China, especially those selling wild animals, I have been playing a small part in discouraging wild animal markets.

There are many good reasons to close them down. First of all, numerous zoonotic diseases can easily sprout from them. In conditions of such markets are on the whole deplorable, with multiple, acutely stressed animals stacked into small cages without proper cleaning, that probability is heightened. Just do a simple "Google" to check and see images of these horrid sights yourself.


"World Turned Upside-Down" is a modern adaptation of the 17th century protest song about the Diggers' movement for land rights. The lyrics convey the assumption that a society in which the deprived majority must provide service to the privileged majority is an upside-down world much in need of righting. 

It seems that the pandemic is shaking up the global system and turning things over. Suddenly, human needs have been made a priority and non-productive and destructive activities assigned lower priority.

COVOD coping

I'm pretty healthy these days. You?

Allergic responses to air quality are slight; as this March here is unseasonably cold, I am fighting off chills.

I generally take measures to ward off the flu during fall/winter and April flu seasons, measures such as limiting the touching of surfaces especially my face, carrying hand gels and wearing gloves when in transit. Same now, though I am staying home more.

I am staying away from the gym, preferring to do some exercises at home. I am limiting my time on public transit and avoiding gatherings.

on economic sanctions

Statement for Global Days against Sanctions that Harm the People

Some solidarity and social justice organizations called for a global weekend of actions from March 13 to 15. The Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver (VPSC) joins in the actions against the blanket sanctions imposed by US imperialism and its allies that mostly aim to weaken states and movements of the people that stand up to imperialist interference, plunder and exploitation. Far from securing peace, human rights and economic development, they cause shortages of daily necessities and hardship to the working people.


I'm a bit of an empath, an intuitive with sensitivity. In fact, my Meyers-Brigges personality test result is consistently INSJ )intuitive, introvert, sensitive, judgmental). Other readings are consistent.

I knew this before I got all those evaluations because I have seen and heard things that cannot be explained and that would be categorized as paranormal. Things like apparitions, lights, shadows, mists, bangs, sighs, objects moving on their own, dreams... They happen on and off, and in waves when I start thinking about them.

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