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Just peace: my 2017 in review

Keeping in tune with positive thinking, I will review the past year of my life. (I have not come to any summary of the political world of 2017 yet.) In sum, it was a time of successful growth and more new experiences.

The biggest thing, of course, was packing up my life in Korea, moving to Canada and creating a new home. That was a major transition; hence, the theme of my blog in 2017, which started out, by the way, on my 60th birthday.  Well prepared and optimistic, I made a smooth transition.

Transitioning-2018 theme of just peace

The next phase of this blog begins around my birthday, which is next week. I have decided on the angle of "just peace" for the next phase of my blogging project. I explained my definition of just peace in the last entry. Now I want to explain how I intend to treat this subject, remain consistent and build on my previous themes of positive thinking/optimism and transition-making. 

I will still reflect and comment on the meaning of positive thinking, relate some of what is happening in my life, chew on the process and value of journal-writing as I tackle the problem of just peace.

Transitions - transitioning into a new theme

This is the time of year when I make plans for the next phase of this blog. What will the "transitions" phase transition into? I look to my soul for that answer. The next theme emerges from the previous year's work and circumstances. 

The "Transitions" theme emerged from the circumstances of my quitting work in Korea and moving back to Canada just around my 60th birthday. I continued to build on the overall theme of positive thinking, but dwelt more specifically on becoming a senior, the intercontinental move, resettling and career development, aspects of my transition.

Transitions - optimism rising

Despite the gloom and rain of November in Vancouver, a time when Canada sees its highest number of deaths, I am once again feeling my optimism rise as my birthday (mid-December) approaches. It can feel sad in November when we remember the dead, and some of my relatives, friends and colleagues including my parents have passed during November. Nevertheless, my energy is on the rise.

As I said at the start of this blog, while I was introducing my blog project called "A Year of Living Positively" in December, 2013, the year's end is a natural time for reflection and planning.

Transition - mid-May status

Regarding career and income, was hoping things would develop a little fuller and faster, but not so lucky. May 20 and I am doing part-time work with nothing happening with the small business.

Glitch in the small business works: after weeks of looking at and disseminating my flyer, I eventually noticed that the email address is given where the webite URL should be. Geez! Could not even get upset about that. No point. I just hedge my bets on others not noticing or, if they do, use good reason and figure the following.

Transition-February successes

This month, the third and fourth week of my return to Vancouver, has been going well. I continue to meet with good news. As I said earlier, I found a room in a pleasant house for a good price right in Vancouver and I started a part-time teaching job last week. That was a good start to February.

Both the landlord and boss are nice, kind and flexible people who are respectful and considerate. The employer adjusted to a criticism from a student and her family. We discussed the lesson plans together and came up with a new program of lessons for this student this past week.

Eye of the Optimist-2016 for me


This website: It drew over 1,600 views yesterday, on December 30, 2016. The total number of views of the site reached about 145,000. Most of that viewership arose out of the publishing of my blog, which started near the start of 2014. Prior to the blog-writing, the site had only attracted around 1,500, to the best of my recollection. My blog may not be well known, but starting it certainly was helpful in earning attention to my website. Some of the viewership has been stimulated by my job searches, I am sure.

Eye of the Optimist-Internet access is a right

Canadian parliamentary decision Dec. 23: here is a copy of a news article on it. It is positive news.

Published on Thursday, December 22, 2016 by Common Dreams 

In Historic Decision, Canada Declares Internet Access a Fundamental Right for All
--National telecom agency promises to connect all Canadians, from Quebec to Yukon, to high-speed broadband

In what is being described as a "historic" decision that will have a significant impact, particularly on the lives of those living in rural and First Nations communities, Canada's telecom agency on Wednesday issued a 

Eye of the Optimist-typos

I have started the fourth of a series of online editing courses, which compels students to reflect not only on what constitutes a mistake and how to correct it, but also on the consequences of publishing mistakes. (A lot of the study entails proofreading and using proofreader's marks, you see.) That is why a did a search about typographical errors on the web.

I came across quite a few articles or mentions of typos that had caused a stir. That discovery brought to mind an old yarn about a secretary who made a typo so serious that it caused chaos, even prompting a discussion in parliament.

Eye of the Optimist -Cultural Renewal

For the purpose of reviewing my work on positive thinking recently, I was re-reading my first volume of blog entries entitled "A Year of Living Positively" (written from Dec. 2013 to Dec. 2014 and published in 2015 online). In doing so, I noticed that I never completed posting thoughts on the meaning of cultural renewal. Cultural renewal came up as one of the conclusions of my machinations on the concept of positive thinking. Rather than launch into that subtopic right away, however, I postponed the task and eventually traveled up the path of discussing the benefits of journal writing in Volume Two.

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