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Eye of the Optimist-2016 for me


This website: It drew over 1,600 views yesterday, on December 30, 2016. The total number of views of the site reached about 145,000. Most of that viewership arose out of the publishing of my blog, which started near the start of 2014. Prior to the blog-writing, the site had only attracted around 1,500, to the best of my recollection. My blog may not be well known, but starting it certainly was helpful in earning attention to my website. Some of the viewership has been stimulated by my job searches, I am sure.

Eye of the Optimist-New 5 year plan

I set a 5-year plan three years ago. It's time to review and rebuild it to cover the next 5 years.

In accordance with the original plan drawn up three years ago, I am preparing to abide by one of two pledges, namely to stop teaching in Korea and move back to Canada. Just a few days ago, I began listing my personal belongings that I want to sell or give away, for which I took and uploaded photos of my stuff, and have already given away a few items. I have already transferred most of my savings from Korea to Canada.

Eye of the Optimist-Parting ways

I am well into a life transition. I am packing some things and discarding others. I am closing up my life here in Korea in increments, according to a calendar. 

As I have taught my students, life transitions are processes with their typical stages of emotions. It can be a roller coaster ride. As the end of my present contract has been getting nearer and nearer, the more often I go through ups and downs: fear, anxiety, butterflies, joy, excitement and grief. Since I have been planning my escape for over a year, I have already come to terms with the fact of separation and the anticipation  and perils of change.

Eye of the Optimist-Outliving a Parent

My mother suddenly and very unexpectedly dropped dead on the morning of November 16, 1985. The question as to whether I would live beyond her age at death has been on the back of my mind for the past couple of years. I could say I've outlived her as of November 17 this year.

I found the occasion worthy of a Facebook posting. Here is what I wrote last Thursday.
"As of today, I've lived longer than my mother. Exercise and enlightened attitude keep the heart strong, blood pressure down, and mind growing.

Eye of the Optimist-Vacations are beneficial

It has been about seven weeks since my last blog entry. That is because I went on vacation overseas for about a month. Though I am still in vacation mode and feeling somewhat lazy, I thought it was about time to get back into the blogging. Thanks for your patience; and, thanks for those of you who have continued to follow this blog. I notice that the visits to this blog and my website have been steady despite my absence. I must be doing something right.

What to write about today? I have been thinking about the benefits of taking time for vacations.

Eye of the Optimist-nature walk

A day after a thunderstorm passed through, the sky was a clear blue and there was a fresh breeze this morning. So appealing was it that I took off on a mountain ramble by 8:30 a.m. It felt glorious to be out there. The sunlight was brilliant and the air felt alive. Do you get those days when the atmosphere is full of anticipation and power? 

I chose a less travelled path, which was so quiet that the deer were around. After I stopped to enjoy the pleasant forest sounds, I saw a deer bounding across the trail ahead of me.

Eye of the Optimist -16 tips for success

Dr. Phil McGraw shares part of his formula for success with "The Sweet 16," featured in his new book, Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World . (This list was copied from http://www.thedoctorstv.com/articles/784-dr-phil-s-sweet-16-tips-for-success, May 27, 2016.)

“I have studied success all of my life and I found that success leaves clues,” Dr. Phil says. “There is a formula for success and I’ve boiled it down to what I call The Sweet 16."

1. Have a defined “image” and never go out of character.

Eye of the Optimist-friends and fate

It is a full moon weekend. Do you feel odd during a full moon? Do you feel anxious or off? I often do, and I did today.

Well, either the full moon or the peppermint tea chaser to a glass of beer combined with chat with uncertainty about the friends I was with resulted in a bad sleep. Leaving those people and going directly to bed was probably a bad idea. I probably needed time to unwind and a distraction. I guess I have doubts about the friendship since these two seem lukewarm about their association with me, each in his own way.

Eye of the Optimist -winter break

Our winter break is almost over. This is the break from teaching between the end of classes in January and the start of a new school year in March, A few years ago, I used to get the blues during this time of year. Because I adopted positive thinking, set goals and took action, however, my winter breaks experience is more productive and gratifying now. This one is going well.

During this winter break, leaving 2015 and going into 2016, I have made advances in my writing. I completed 10 draft chapters of my latest novel.

Eye of an Optimist-goal setting theory

I just learned that there really is a theory of goal-setting. Actually, it has been around since the 1960's! It was first proposed by Edwin Locke and developed further by him and Gary Latham toward the 90s.

The end of the calendar year is a good time to assess and set new goals or make adjustments to your plans. For me, the process of personal goal-setting begins around my birthday, another annual mark, and it falls in mid-December anyway. Going through this process helps me to avoid dwelling too much on the past, though I do take a thoughtful look back, of course.

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