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I keep getting new experience with internet use. Conditions of the pandemic require it. 

Besides the usual online teaching, video watching, chatting, article reading, researching, I have found other practices. I've joined in singing practices and too many webinar discussions to count. 

I keep learning about the medium. Recently my part in a choir performance of a single song was recorded. I attended a livestream memorial service for the first time. I signed up to play a part in a virtual political rally last Monday.


I attended a seminar on cyber hacking and sabotage. The speaker is a computer programmer. She explained that cyber attacks are bombardments of bots that overwhelm a page to impede its operation. This is why a targeted web page cannot be found sometimes. It can be why data does not get saved.

I believe this blog has been attacked and that is why I have hardly been able to post anything all year. I think the reason is the political content. 

I am working to try to thwart these attacks.

Eye of the Optimist-shedding toxic ties

Today I found the courage and resolve to let go of a toxic relationship. I made the decision that it is a positive step to dissolve such a soured relationship.

I have discussed this sort of problem before when I decided it was healthier for me to back out of associations in some cases, while generally looking to build positive relationships in my life, and consequently the community around me. I dealt with this while writing "A Year of Living Positively" as I went through a couple of episodes with people who breed negativity in my life.

Eye of the Optimist-Ode to Abelard

Ode to Abelard

Oh, how I love thee!
-too many ways to count
It is not your beauty alone
And I don't want to say, "I own"
No, it is because you are there
But never in my hair

We have drawn our boundaries
And they we respect
We each have our space
And so live in grace
He does his thing,
And I do mine
Yet our hearts e'er do entwine
Precious moments we do share
We pay attention and care

He's a positive force, whatever the weather
What's more, we have our meals together
Though tastes may differ 

A Year of Living Positively -Day 25

I taught the last class of the civic employees. I played some clips of the old Mr. Bean TV show for comic relief--relief from the serious discussion on the disabled we'd been having for 1.5 hours, and relief from the sadness of parting. It was very touching when I left, as I could tell we were all a little sad all the same. 

Here's a view of our last discussion. Hello, Irene! Irene follows my blogs.

Here is a view of the staff cafeteria, where I ate for probably the last time. I got there at 11 a.

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