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Latin America solidarity

I am active in just peace activism and anti-imperialist solidarity. One way I partake in this kind of activity is through my Just Peace Committee and its role in a local Venezuela solidarity committee.

I attended a huge conference for Latin American solidarity with the people against coup attempts, right wing resurgences, state repression, unjustified economic sanctions that hurt the people, militarization and the threat of military invasions. OUt of that conference came a declaration of solidarity against US-led imperialism and pledges to support particular struggles of people in Latin America and the Caribbean regions.

Taking this declaration home and reporting it to my "comrades", my local groups decided to support the declaration and the pledges for Latin American and Caribbean solidarity. Here is a summary I have taken from the notes of our latest meeting.

Latin America and Caribbean solidarity in the fight against imperialism.
On December 17, the VPSC adopted the stands of the Declaration and action plan of the Conference against imperialism and neo-liberalism held in Havana from November 1 to 3, 2019, which Barbara attended partly as a representative of VPSC. Bringing together Cuba solidarity, social and leftist groups from 94 counties, this conference affirmed the anti-imperialist analysis and the united anti-imperialist struggle. 1400 delegates devoted particular discussion to an understanding of US imperialism’s strategy of counter-revolution and plans to exploit and plunder Latin America and the Caribbean further. The US and its allies, including Canada, have stepped up its counter-revolutionary strategy to attack the Bolivarian, Cuban and Sandinista revolutions with
-military threats and militarization;
-greater support for the political Right
-schemes to divide the people and coup attempts
- misinformation and cover-ups
-cyber attacks
- diplomatic and economic barriers
-encouragement and support for state repression against progressive elements and other attacks on democracy
This Cuba conference pledged united support for
            -opposition to the Cuba blockade
            -the repatriation of Guantanamo Bay
            -the Bolivarian movement in Venezuela and the government lead by N. Maduro
            -opposition to the economic sanctions against Venezuela
            -the Sandinista government of Nicaragua
            -Evo Morales and the Bolivarian movement in Bolivia
            -democracy and a decent standard of living in Haiti
            -the repatriation of Puerto Rico
            -democracy and anti-neoliberal opposition in Chile
            - the democratic government of Argentina
            - the campaign to get Lula released


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pro papers on February 20, 2020 1:41 AM
It is sad what has happened to Venezuela. From the No. 1 producer oil in the world and owning the largest oil reserves in the world, it has now devolved into anarchy. This is because of corruption and mismanagement on the part of the government. The Venezuelan currency is now worthless. People are starving because of the lack of food supply. The rich Venezuelans have fled the country aboard their chartered planes, while the poor are trooping to the town bordering Colombia to apply as refugees. The situation is so bad. It can only get better with new leadership.
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