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spin on July 4

Keep Australia Out of U.S. wars – Time for Australia’s independence from U.S.A.

On Thursday evening 4 July, America’s Independence Day, 80 people attended a lively public forum in Melbourne calling on the Australian government to keep Australia out of U.S. wars and declaring that it is time for Australia to be independent of the U.S.A. 

The meeting, organised by IPAN-Victoria, heard from 3 engaging and informative speakers who drew on the impacts of U.S. bases, marines and political influence on Australia's sovereignty.

Fiona McCandless, member of IPAN and unionist, spoke on the disastrous impact on people and the environment in countries hosting foreign military bases.  Examples she gave included Maralinga in South Australia and Okinawa in Japan.  

“When we let foreign military onto our lands, we lose our sovereignty. Through the examples of Okinawa's current American military bases and Australia's past British nuclear testing in Maralinga, Emu Field, and Montebello Islands, it is apparent that the occupied country is not made aware of what is occurring on their land. The biggest sufferer in these military arrangements is the indigenous people, who are disregarded not only by the foreign occupier, but by their own country's government..We must not let our lands and our people be used by foreign military - get US bases off our shores”

Vince Scappatura, who has recently published a book “ The U.S. lobby and Australian Defence Policy”, spoke on the insidious influence of the pro-U.S. lobby on Australian military, intelligence and foreign policies in the context of U.S.-China contention.

Richard Tanter, Research Fellow with the Nautilus Institute and a long time researcher and expert on Pine Gap, spoke on U.S. military bases in Australia and the integration and interoperability of Australia’s military and foreign policies with the U.S.

Questions and Answers and lively comments followed, with the meeting unanimously passing the 3 resolutions below.
Petitions calling on the government to terminate the “Force Posture Agreement” were signed and the discussion continued on the approaching IPAN National Conference in Darwin 2-4 August.

July 4 Resolutions endorsed at IPAN national meetings.

 1.    Resolution on Marines in Darwin

We call on the Australian Parliament to terminate the ‘Force Posture Agreement’, between the Australian and USA governments, under which 2,500 US marines are stationed in Darwin. We are convinced that the ongoing presence of US marines on Australian territory is not in the interest of Australian people and our region and will lead us into more disastrous U.S. wars.

2.    Resolution on Iran

We strongly urge the Australian government not to support the U.S. war plans on Iran.  War on Iran will result in many deaths and severe suffering for the people of Iran and bring the world closer to a nuclear war.

3.   Resolution on Independent and Peaceful Australian Foreign Policy

This meeting supports Australia embracing a truly Independent Foreign Policy that upholds Australia’s independence, respects the sovereignty of all countries and promotes peaceful resolution of global conflicts.  This will be the Australian people’s contribution to making the world more peaceful and just.  We support Australia’s independence from all big power interests.

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bestessays essays on August-10-19 8:30 PM
I am glad that Australia raised their voices against the U.S wars. This was important because U.S was doing wars with almost every country which made Australia bound to help the U.S in getting out of those wars. I am happy that they took this step.
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