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Just Peace-Earth Day msg

So sorry for not posting since January. There has been a technical problem, which I have passed on to my service provider, Vistaprint.ca. It seems to be a problem accessing the blog on my site through certain browsers. At last I am able to post once again. I'll catch up!

Since late January, I have been involved in a peace effort to prevent a war with or military intervention into Venezuela owing to US and right-wing schemes to demean, misrepresent, wreck and overtake the current Bolivarian government of President Maduro.

-Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver



The Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver (VPSC) joins in celebrating the achievements of the working class and workers organizations in their struggles for their rights and better working conditions leading to a better world. We support the gains in workplace health and safety though we join in expressing sorrow for workers who have become ill and died due to unhealthy and unsafe workplaces, as we commiserate regarding the activists who have passed or been persecuted in their struggles to defend life and the rights and wellbeing of the people and nature. We also salute the achievements of the politically conscious and environmental protection organizations that are contributing to sustainable production that does not squander nature’s resources or abuse people and who are working hard to defend life, hopefully towards a better future for humankind and the ecosystems.


The main objective of VPSC is to defend the achievements of the Venezuelan people, oppose interference and interventions that harm that country. We promote peace in the region. We are building solidarity against the efforts of a ring of foreign powers led by the US to destabilize Venezuelan society, disable its independence and wreck its achievements so as to build up arrangements for plundering and exploiting the land and its people that benefit the few. These states are making military preparations to step in should these strategies fail.


In this regard, we object to the deliberate actions of the Canadian government to play a role in thwarting the peoples’ movements, assisting the interference and participating in sanctions and militarization against Venezuela.


As well as opposing the socialist direction of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, Venezuelan oil and its revenues are of great interest to multinational corporations and the politicians that kowtow to them. While many countries in Europe and North America are rich enough and developed enough to manage their own resources better, make the transition from dependency on fossil fuels to clean, safe and renewable energy supplies, and support ventures in new kinds of technological enterprises, they are reluctant to do so because of greed and the mammoth profits made from the outmoded industrial model and its reliance on socially and environmentally dangerous and destructive energy sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear power, and wasteful and exploitative practices. Ironically, elements among them have gone so far as to repeatedly sabotage the hydroelectric network in Venezuela, which causes serious difficulties for the people. They implement sanctions which deny the state revenues to carry out its services and functions and deny trade, which have put Venezuela in an economic crisis. The US has pretended to offer aid as a way to intervene, when it could offer real assistance. Meanwhile, masses of its own citizens and residents suffer because of unemployment and underemployment, limited access to health care, xenophobia, insufficient social supports, pollution and chaos.


The Trudeau government has clearly shown its preference and enthusiasm for expanding fossil fuel industries, accumulation and distribution, for example. It is allowing multinationals to continue to exploit and control the peoples in Canada and the wealth of resources Canada has. This government has not truly and fully embraced decisions on measures to counter global warming. Indeed, it is clearly hostile to change and many of the people working hard to find a better way. It is hostile to Bolivarian Venezuela and the Venezuelan people’s advances.


Working people and people of conscience must unite and engage in solidarity for each other’s causes. We must look for points of unity among us and build a movement against exploitation and plunder of the people and the Earth so that we can save the planet and humanity. The situation is crying out for unity in action for a better way.


Achievements such as the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela must be defended. The Venezuela conflict is pivotal for the future of humankind. Not only will the outcome impact the nations of Latin America, it will impact the status of democratic relations and living and working conditions everywhere. Furthermore, the lawlessness and aggressive attitude and actions of the imperialist powers must be confronted.



Long live international solidarity!

Hands off Venezuela!

No to foreign interference and interventions!

No military threats and solutions!

Just peace!



@peace.vancouver                                         Facebook: Vancouver Peace and Solidarity Committee of Vancouver


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resumewritinggroup.com on May 2, 2019 5:16 PM
I have a relative who has resided in Venezuela. I have known him to be religious as well ever since we were kids. I am sure that if reads this blog, he will surely be moved. In my opinion, we should let Venezuela do this thing for their country. They are their own people and for sure, they what is best for them. I will support their motion to not have foreign interference and interventions. I hope that Venezuela receives the right that they deserve.
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Anonymous on May 11, 2019 7:47 AM
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I do love the message that you are trying to impose here. It's like you are giving us this "make love, not war" message that we are all aware of. It's just really good to know about this even though I am still having some struggles to understand everything about it. Anyway, I know that I was still able to learn a lot from this and I would like to thank you of course. Hopefully, you will share more of your thoughts and opinions regarding the matter.
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