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Just Peace- Venezuela President

Recopied here is an article from the new "Just Peace Newsbulletin" of January 2019.

In Venezuela on May 22, 2018, Nicolas Maduro was re-elected with almost 68% of the votes. On January 15, 2019, the inauguration of the second term of his presidency was held. His party represents the Bolivarian movement to raise living standards for workers and the poor, provide more public services, and regionalize and nationalize economic activities.

Since Hugo Chavez was first elected as President in Venezuela in the 90s, advances in housing, healthcare and education have been made. This is why he and all the “Chavistas” enjoy the support of the majority of the people. However, it maddens local companies and some interests because they stand to lose profits, influence and privilege. Neither does it please the multinational corporations and states such as the US and Canada. They still persist in putting the Maduro government in a bad light and they are continuing the implementation of cruel sanctions against Venezuela. For example, Canadian officials regularly assert that the elections were fraudulent and claim that the Maduro government abuses human rights, without any substantiation. They threw out the Venezuelan Ambassador to Canada. Locally, the enemies of the Bolivarian movement/ “Chavistas” carry out all sorts of plots against it; there have been terrorist violence, an assassination attempt on Maduro and schemes to hoard products to create economic chaos. Now the leader of the opposition party and head of the national assembly, Juan Guaido, has arbitrarily declared himself president defying the constitutional democratic process and he is enjoying the wholehearted support of right-wing and major capitalist governments including the US and Canada. This stance exposes their anti-socialist and anti-democratic nature.

Yes, the Venezuelan economy has problems. Sanctions cut off petroleum exports to many countries and block imports from getting in. Meanwhile, global petroleum prices have been on the decline. Also, the country is still capitalist, though under going reforms. Private businesses rise and fall with the whims of the market and companies exploit workers and gouge consumers, creating mass hardship and social inequality. Nationalization of industries is an adjustment and private companies stand to lose.

The hostilities against Venezuela should stop. The military encirclement of Venezuela that the US and other countries have put in place threatens peace in the region should be dismantled. The sanctions should be lifted. The false presentation of Guaido as a legitimate representative of the people’s will should be rejected.

This maniacal desire of global capital represented by US imperialism and its allies to have all countries conform to its world view and way of life is unjust. It is creating instability, exacerbating local conflicts, and increasing the violence by which many civilians perish and suffer. Sovereignty and democracy are shoved aside. The peoples of the world should unite to stand up for life, decent standards and just peace.

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