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just peace-people's remembrance

A People's Remembrance

[Words and action prepared for the Remembrance Day weekend--Oppose empire and sacrifice for empire. Build the mass movement for just peace and oppose the imperialist system.]

Remember all the victims, civilian and military, and affirm opposition to wars of aggression, militarization, militarism and repression. Honour those who have given their lives for justice, too. Pledge to unite to build a movement for just and lasting peace by exposing and standing up together to the global system that is the primary root cause of much violence and death.

Organized by the Just Peace Committee https://justpeace.blog, justpeace87@yahoo.com  

Officially, November 11 is a memorial day organized by state and military to remember the military personnel who perished in the great wars and since. While many veterans say, “No more war,” and counsel the generations following them to end war, state and military forces continue to expand military budgets and operations and actively engage in war and war preparations. The political message is gratitude and justification for the sacrifices for unjust imperialist war, interference and policing,  and encouragement to more young people to be ready for the sacrifice. The Just Peace Committee, on the other hand, rejects this message, urging the people to remember all the victims of military actions and unite to organize against imperialism and terror for just and lasting peace.

 Join us for a Peoples’ Remembrance at 11:00 on Nov. 10 in North Burnaby.

There is so much tension and so many regional conflicts involving major powers and today that, despite a general wish to avoid world war, they could escalate into a global clash. With thousands of nuclear warheads still active or stockpiled, the danger of nuclear war continues. As economic and trade tensions mount, the danger of war rises. The people must take action to prevent it.

Canada has adopted an aggressive military policy, pledging more money and commitment of forces to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It has gotten involved in the interference in Syria and the Ukraine, worked more closely with the United States and actively supported US imperialist aims in East Asia. It participates in the sanctions and policing of sanctions against the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea and Venezuela. In short, Canada does not promote peace in general. It supports the Canadian companies and dealers profiting from war and militarization. It is a factor for war.

The people must rebuild and reorient the movement for just peace, understanding the context of imperialism, a global class system of monopoly capitalism that perpetuates violence in many forms and rely on militarism and military action to defend it, whichever state or faction is at the helm. The Just Peace Committee in Vancouver calls on concerned people and groups to work together for just peace. We urge them to form similar committees and plan actions in their communities.

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feeling-cooking.com on December-03-18 4:48 AM
We need to understand each other’s feeling and we should respect each other if we want peace in the society. To keep that peace this is really important to give respect to each other.
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best essay writing service 2018 on December-10-18 3:03 PM
The more concepts and updates about remembrance for military affirm and opposition movement always,keep follow the thoughts with us. The primary concepts and included the great together chance.
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