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Just Peace - Yemen

Solidarity Statement of the Just Peace Committee, Vancouver

November 2, 2018

The Just Peace Committee and all the local organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles in BC stand in solidarity with the Vancouver Peace Council and other activists opposing the aggression against and interference in Yemen, which is causing extensive wanton destruction of life and society.

We sternly criticize Canada’s role as a junior imperialist state in league with the US and its allies’ schemes and involvement, and supportive of Saudi Arabia’s criminal and immoral military intervention in Yemen. The US and others including Canada, France, the UK, UAE and Qatar are supplying and funding and operating Saudi bombardments. They thus enable Saudi Arabia to launch vicious and murderous attacks on Yemen. They are complicit in the mass murder of tens of thousands of people in Yemen.

As the Vancouver Peace Council has pointed out, the UN recently reported that famine is threatening half Yemen’s population and over three million Yemenis are displaced. Aid and medical care is being blocked by Saudi Arabia’s military encirclement, planted in the sea, air and on the land since 2015.

The Just Peace Committee is working to help build a united movement for genuine and lasting, just peace. Though we support initiatives of the broader peace movement, we promote an understanding of the methods and motives of monopoly capitalist-imperialism in the present age. Imperialism with its corporate monarchs and state and corporate nobility set aside human needs and rights under the banner of maximizing profits. This global system and its antisocial culture stimulate much violence around the world: war, militarism, crime, gender and ethnic violence, fratercide and so on. We need to carry out anti-war work with an anti-imperialist analysis and a vision to set society on a new path with social justice.

We therefore support the holding of a Canadian Peace Congress convention in Toronto on Nov. 24 and 25. The Congress rightly characterizes the setting in which a vigorous anti-imperialist peace movement is urgently needed.

“Our Convention comes at a critical, dangerous moment. The world, as we all know, is becoming an increasingly scary place. While aggression and war are nothing new, the rapid deterioration in international relations, increasing tensions, and the announced intentions of the Trump Administration to launch a whole new round of the arms race are alarming developments indeed.”

The Just Peace Committee is also planning activities to oppose wars of aggression, state violence and militarism, occupation and militarization, in light of the occupations, interference, aggression, trade conflicts, nuclear threat and general tension and violence happening in the world today. We are challenging the government of Canada’s aggressive policy and practice that makes Canada a party to unjust and life-denying actions. We are hosting a People’s Remembrance on Nov. 10 (Confederation Park, Field 2 Cenotaph, 11:00, N. Burnaby) to honour all victims of war and policing and extend our efforts to strengthen unity and push forward an anti-imperialist peace movement. We will participate in the Alliance for People’s Health action to mark Human Rights Day on Dec. 10 and the ILPS- Vancouver event to oppose the characterization of justice defenders as terrorists on Nov. 15. Please join us.

 https://Justpeace.blog; justpeace87@yahoo.com; www.facebook.comIlpsCanada

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