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This blog continues to serve the propagation and practice of positive thinking. I still must pause and count my blessings in order to keep peace of mind. Positive thinking can help one find a more peaceful path by cultivating a more peaceful and satisfied soul.

I've been a bit bored lately. I live simply on a confined budget, which sometimes makes me feel confined. The fact that money owing to me is delayed makes me feel even more disgruntled. 

When I stop and take stock of the good things about my life, though, I am reminded I have a lot to be thankful for and happy about. For example, I look out my window beyond my pretty little porch and see trees, flowers and a patch of the ocean. During the day, all sorts of birds sing and chirp, and flutter around just outside my living room. Hummingbirds sip from my flowers and special hanging feeder. Last night at this hour, I could sit and, through the tree bows and between the pointed rooftops, watch an astoundingly beautiful sunset of brilliant rouge-tangerine glow with yellow and rose edges. Stunning!

The house is in reasonably good condition and the apartment is a pleasant, large space, for which many other people are paying much more. The neighbourhood is green, calm and friendly. Basic services and supplies are close by, and I can access some home delivery services. I have access to a vehicle of a car-share cooperative nearby. What's more, it is familiar to me and holds many fond memories.

I have a suitable job that demonstrates my best knowledge and sills in the field of English education. The employer is fare, kind and the hours are regular. I have a straightforward commute of around 40 minutes each day. It is an undemanding schedule and workload. I am not poor. I live a high standard of living.

I know a lot of people in various social circles in this area. Family members are around, as are a few good friends. 

I live in a community with many public services. Health care is guaranteed. Libraries offer lots to read. Transportation is generally convenient. Parks and recreational spaces are numerous.Stores are full with a wide array of food, housewares and supplies, the necessities and luxuries. 

I possess a good advanced education. I am in very good health for my age. I can speak more than one language and sing competently. I have met a lot of very interesting people in my life and many of them have been generous, open and kind. I have traveled widely.

After returning from many years abroad in a foreign land with a lower living standard and fewer freedoms, I am enjoying life in a modern, wealthy and democratic country in an extended time of peace. I can participate in raising questions, calling for improvements, sharing opinions and discussing options with near impunity, activities not everyone can do everywhere.

In sum, I have a lot to be grateful for.

One can get distracted and pulled off course. One can cave into petit-bourgeois yearnings and habits, and start to whine and complain if one does not pause and realize what one has going for herself. It pays to slow down and be more mindful, conscious of all that the Earth and the human world have to offer. There is so much beauty and magnificence to wonder at. Despite all the conflicts and problems, the human condition has been rising, overall. 

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essay on time reviews on July-02-18 8:35 PM
congratulations on figuring out the perks of life! we all go through thicks and thins, coming out of it stronger is what actually matters. way to go buddy,good luck with life.
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Matthew Humphries on July-16-18 2:11 PM
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Samuel Moss on July-16-18 3:12 PM
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Amrita on December-28-18 4:29 PM
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.
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