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A robin sings outside. He is so full of life and so persistent that he begins a new musical phrases every 3 to 5 seconds and sometimes sings for hours at a time from the same perch. I believe that birds sing for three reasons: to attract mates, claim territory and to express joy. This robin sits on some tree or wire next to my building and sings his heart out at dawn, after breakfast, in the middle of the afternoon and in the evening. It is amazing.

Following an extraordinarily wet winter, the May vegetation looks very lush and full. Bushes have been sagging under the weight of boughs laden with blossoms--rhododendron, camilia, bridal veil, lilac cheery and plum blossom, and some unidentified golden pom-poms. Flocks of birds were hanging around this neighbourhood in early spring. Some of the robins appear very husky and strong, no doubt from a big feed of worms produced by the moist atmosphere and soil. The wrens and towhees, partners in survival, have moved on, but the crows, flickers and jays remain. Bush tits, chickadees, robins and starlings arrived in flocks. 

Now it seems that the birds have spread out as the males determine their territories, find mates and begin to raise offspring. At least two pairs of starlings have moved into this building, making nests in the eaves. I hope they do not get washed away in the next rainfall. I have already  heard choruses of starling chicks calling out from the eaves of other buildings. Jays are not seen much around here nowadays, except that individuals come snooping around, peering into carport rafters and house eaves probably hoping to discover eggs to eat. Flickers also perch on wires and branches to sing. Earlier in the spring they were hammering objects a lot, most notably the metal covers of vents and street lamps' I suppose the reverberations were meant to attract females. By now the flickers have also established their domains and found mates, so they have spread out. The robins arrived in great numbers, but have dispersed. 

The bounty of spring is so great that the birds do not need supplements provided by humans on balconies and in gardens. However, a dry spell is under way, so I have placed a bowl for drinking and bathing on the porch. Having heard and seen hummingbirds, I have hung up a special feeder filled with sugar water.

Humans are gifted with the capacity to make more choices about how they live than other creatures. The growth and spirit of spring reminds them to live life fully, and in a life-affirming, life-sustaining, socially and naturally productive way.We must persist in living and defending life.

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Season of birds where in they are trying to multiply their numbers is really so good to hear. They are like humans, and they wanted the best for their community. Birds can really signify a soaring high human who would do everything for the sake of being happy. I agree that it is really nice to see them in peace and that also bring us in peace. We should not dictate their lives, we should make them live longer here on Earth.

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