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Just Peace -people's injunction

This is a novel idea in the conflict over an oil pipeline, storage and shipping expansion happening in British Columbia. It is a response to the US oil industry corporation after it had an injunction against protesters who have been on the streets outside its gates.



With this document, we residents of Burnaby and outlying areas, hereby notify Kinder Morgan, Inc., serve an injunction against its pipeline, berth and storage expansion in Canada’s Western region, particularly in and around Greater Vancouver.

As we comprise a large opposition comprised of the residents of this region, perhaps the majority, with regards to further expansion of the Kinder Morgan (KM) Transmountain Pipeline and the Westridge Terminal berthing and storage facilities, as numerous citizens’ actions, writings and public discussions have demonstrated, and

As the aforesaid expansion is extremely hazardous, undesirable and unhelpful to us, especially as the material (petroleum in crude or other form) transported by the pipes and tanker ships, and stored is very polluting, flammable and volatile, and that its extraction is destroying and poisoning the people and the land of Alberta and elsewhere,

Which makes the long term trade and use of petroleum and petroleum less economically viable today, in any case, and

As accidents such as pipe leaks and tanker spills are likely and difficult to clean up and the damaged waters, structures, lands, people and wildlife from such accidents impossible to restore, and also extremely costly to businesses, the peoples and the environment,

Which makes it impractical, immoral and irresponsible to continue to expand petroleum extraction, refining and transport, and

Considering that many viable alternatives to petroleum exist today, that it is non-sustainable and unhealthy as an energy and industrial fabrication source and clearly ought to be replaced and the petroleum industry dismantled, and that you probably have many choices and ways to make money and will not suffer without this aforesaid expansion,

We order KM to cease and desist its expansion of pipelines, storage, berthing and trans[prtatopm (over land or through waters).

Furthermore, we, the residents who live and work in the vicinity of the Transmountain Pipeline and Westridge Terminal are residents of the City of Burnaby who by and large pay for and use public roads and services according to city and state laws, and who enjoy civil rights, so

We further order you to stop having your employees acost, harass and bully us in the streets and other public domains, despite your views on the opposition to petroleum and the expansion of that industry, no matter what your biases are, and your financial fears, your opinions about the needs of business, and your assumptions about your economic contributions and your rights in Canada.


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