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Just Peace - cold fusion experiment(s)

I was just introduced to the work of a physicist by the name of Dr. Judy Wood. You probably haven't heard much about her, unless you are involved in physics, yourself, and then only maybe, because she is being shunned by some of her peers, state officials and media. That is because she has been speaking the truth, as best she can using her knowledge and skill as a scientist.

I watched a video recording of her speaking at a conference and am still reeling from the information she shared. It concerns her observations and conclusions in examining the case of the World Trade Towers attacks. She has written a book that lays it all out, detail by detail.

Dr. Wood meticulously cites all the evidence proving some new weapon was used to destroy the towers (and damage to the Pentagon). She gives compelling justification for claiming that a source of electro-magnetic energy was used against the WTT, and demonstrates that cold nuclear power (nuclear energy without ion-radiation, without heat) must have been used. Despite public denials that the means exists, above-board, controlled laboratory experiments with cold fusion, such as the work by a Dr. Hutchison, have been going on. Yes, we have the technology. Hutchison's experiments reveal effects that match many of the phenomena known to have resulted from the attacks on the WTT. Instead of causing molecules to stick together, cold fusion causes separation of molecules, which results in disintegration or of matter.

You may have heard the arguments that a massive detonation of the WTT was staged in refutation to assumptions that the plane crashes could have caused the buildings to collapse. Engineers have looked at the recordings of the attacks and said that the destruction must have been caused by a planned detonation. Some explanations of that analysis have been well published. They often suggest that the US state was behind the attacks, but why or how remains unclear. Dr. Wood's analysis suggests motive and means, however.

Dr. Wood also states that the planes could not have caused the magnitude of the damage; in fact, she dismisses the planes as having any bearing related to the cause. She believes they were only props to distract the public (at great human cost). She actually refutes the assertion that the buildings collapsed in any way, and that is because there were no signs of a collapse. Tons and tons of materials from over 100 floors would have fallen, sending out projectiles, breaking glass, breaking water pipes, dropping furniture and huge beams, and crushing things and people below, but there was NO RUBBLE. The building was vaporized and turned to dust. To support her findings, she reviews many videos of the destruction from various angles, until it is obvious she is right. 

Furthermore, she shows various videos of the action on the ground and reviews the testimony of many of the witnesses and survivors. Several facts are thus sorted out. There was no sound of an explosion, or collapse. Moreover, no-one was struck by large debris. Also, there was no great heat. People who survived and those nearby ended up covered in heavy dust, but were not burnt. There was no smoke. Cars in the area were damaged in some strange ways but not scorched. There were only the fires caused by the planes in the areas they made contact with, and some patchy spontaneous fires after the main destruction occurred. 

What about the people seen hanging from windows, as if trying escape fire? Wood  convincingly explains that heat was not the problem. Rather, she thinks they were trying to evade the disintegration of life and structure in the middle of the building. 

Other strange things occurred. Some individuals say they were lifted up and thrown about, and some cars emerged from the dust flipped over. Also, some of the ends of large iron beams in the lower floors were curled. In addition, glass and paint were missing from the damaged cars. As well, you can plainly see heavy dust falling as the building disappears, but the dust then rises. Dr. Wood explains that the dust particles must have been shrinking, making them lighter.

To top off all this weirdness, a hurricane was heading towards New York City but abruptly made a right angle turn and headed north right around 10 a.m. on 9-11. Several meteorological stations reported it and warned it would have arrived by 9-11, yet New York was not planning an evacuation. News reports of the disaster kept remarking on how perfect the weather had been up to the point of disaster, omitting the news of the hurricane. Dr. Good said that the natural storm, which is an electro-magnetic force, must have been countered by another large or larger electro-magnetic force. She hints that some authorities with enough power must have been aware that there would be some obstruction to the hurricane coming.

Seeing the facts clearly laid out, the nature of the damage becomes evident. That some alternative energy did the damage become perfectly reasonable.  That powerful people were probably involved in orchestrating the attacks is more easily understood. That the whole thing could have been a mad experiment with weaponry is quite believable. Given the status of the US, its political orientation today, all the conflict and meddling going on today, it is totally compelling to propose that the WTT and Pentagon attacks were experiments with new technology of war, and probably cold fusion. It all adds up. Out of the dust of 9-11, a mystery unravels. 

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