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Trainsitions-remembrance (war)

-Centenary of the Great October Revolution and Remembrance Day

November 11 is Remembrance Day, a memorial day created at the end of World War One, a disastrous explosion of rivalries among the empires in Europe that involved their colonies and allies the world over. Millions died. Among them, Russian workers and peasants sent without proper clothing, food and weapons to scenes of mass slaughter.

Even politically centrist organizations and reformists supported fighting in World War One. The German Social Democrats, for example, advocated war and invasion in order to rescue and liberate the Russian people and others, defying logic and morals.

Today we here the same calls--that freedom, prosperity and liberation can be achieved through military mobilizations and armed invasions. This is some of the propaganda accompanying calls for military interventions in Korea and the Middle East, for example. We can see abundant evidence of the falseness and cruelty of such words in Iraq, Syria, Libya and many places. When can bombs ever realise human rights?--never. 

When can military suppression of people voicing and rising up to dissent and make demands for change ever be justified, especially in the age when democracy is supposed to be the way of life in the contemporary world?--Never. Yet this is the usual response to oppressed and deprived people trying to get their needs met and win social justice.

This despicable and twisted call to arms to invade and commit mass murder was urged for Russia several times. It was a banner of World War One and the cry of the Tsarist regime when facing uprisings. After the October Revolution ended imperial reign and put some nations on a footing towards social justice and progress, it was the clarion call of the Western countries supporting the loyalist (White Russian) civil war, when Western European states sent their armies into to join the White Russians and challenge the Soviet Union. Despite the extreme hardship and further deprivation that this caused the war-torn and poor nations within the Soviet Union, at a time when their peoples were making great sacrifices in order to build a new society, the Red Army was the victor again. The 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia is November 7.

Around World War Two, Nazi Germany thought it could defeat the Soviet army. It launched another invasion, razing cities and causing millions of deaths in the Soviet Union territories alone. Nevertheless, the strong and valiant people of Russia and elsewhere in the Soviet Union rallied. They put their all into fending off the siege of Leningrad, a remarkable story of resistance and victory against all odds. The people upheld the communist state and their new society, and delivered the crucial blow to the the Nazis for the benefit of all Europe. Because of that defeat, the Western Allies were able to overcome Nazi occupations and win the major battles in Western Europe.

We must remember all the victims of war, soldiers and civilians. Among them, multitudes of unarmed women, children, elderly, sick and disabled.

The International League of Peoples' Struggles rejects the notion that military solutions are justified to settle political conflicts and social issues. We look to the experience of the people and the issues they have. We understand that the global imperialist order, which today conquers and controls financially and through trade and commerce that suits the global ruling class and the imperialist states that support and defend them. Their armies defend the tiny minority that owns and enjoys the majority of wealth, and the military activities capture markets and create industries from which the profit all the more. The International League of Peoples' Struggles therefore defends peoples' movements struggling to defend and govern themselves, meet their needs, put societies on a new and happier path.

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