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Transitions-(Sept. 2, 2017) long weekend

Since I am at last able to post blog entries, at least on Internet Explorer, I am posting a failed posting from early September now. I'll get into regular posts soon. Sorry for the disruptions, readers.

From September 2, 2017
August was a very hectic months with teaching, activism, sport and personal growth. I am glad to have some free time this weekend to process it all and catch up with my household tasks and my life. Because it is a holiday weekend, I have the time to reflect on the summer developments and start September on solid footing.

My teaching hours at the downtown ESL college are decreasing since we have passed the peak time of the year for intake.The teaching has generally gone well; I have had no complaints and seem to have been keeping up a good rapport with students. It is hard to seem them go. While new students show up every Monday, some leave each Friday. It is a feature of the world of teaching that goes in cycles and involves the ups and downs of getting to know students then seeing them depart. There have been some incidents of high drama: a student upset with her mistakes who, frustrated, at first laid blame on me; a student who always tried to draw attention to himself and divert the learning activities, even by sexual harassing a vulnerable young woman; a guy who became angry because other students in his group moved up a level and he acted to late to follow them; and other situations. Only the sexual harassment had me stressed and upset. I cannot help but feel a little sad when a student finishes their time at the college, though. Then there is the tension about the duration of my classes. Each week I am told that the classes might be closed because of low enrollment, but the morning class has survived so far. It might have one more week left, or not. We'll see.

Except for the commute, I rather like working some of the time downtown. I eventually adapted and got it together to bring a lunch, which lowered my expenses, of course. I do not mind dressing up in formal attire for the job, as well, even though clothing management is more complex and time-consuming when one dresses formally every day but I have a lot of clothes and a system. To endure the 30- to 40-minute ride there and back, I read or do crossword puzzles. 

With more free time, I feel more relaxed. I am content to devote more time to myself and activism.

I have been stocking up on food and cooking a little more. I vacuumed the main rooms and washed floors and wiped down the bathroom for the first time in a month. I did swept up the debris the lane at the back of the apartment, the portion I view from my veranda. (The trees have been so dry in this drought that dried pine needles, leaves and blossoms have been accumulating on the pavement. The building's gardeners seem to ignore the rear of the building.)

I can put more time into activism now. I went to an event planning meeting of the ILPS two days ago. The same day, I met the communications officer of the solidarity choir for an orientation so that I may assist her. Yesterday, I agreed to do some canvassing next week against the Kinder Morgan trans-mountain pipeline extension.

Also, there is now enough time for writing and reading. Fortunately, Juan did not send the novel for editing in August. I have time to do that work this month, instead. I have to do some correspondence for ILPS on the subject of event planning and anti-war work. Then there is this blog. I can finally get back to blogging.

It felt wonderful to get home at around one o'clock yesterday, the Friday of a long weekend, and make lunch at home and do other chores. I relished a beer while sitting on the porch, too.

I awoke at the normal time of around 6:00 this morning, but was able to fall back asleep. I slept until eight! After sitting sipping coffee, then playing my online games, I am writing without any need to rush. I just put a load of washing into the machine, as it is my time slot for laundry room use, and now I am thinking of preparing a brunch.

It is lovely to have a free weekend once in a while, especially in the sunny weather of summer.

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