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Transition-Day against Racism

The International Day against Racism is a positive thing. I attended an action to honour this important day and made to responses against bigotry.

At the rally of those united against racism that brought together a diverse collection of participants around the same cause, a few neo-nazis turned up to provoke and interfere. In the false name of "democracy", they claimed that the protesters were segregating them and not allowing their voices in. A couple of them got clobbered as they kept making provocative challenges and tried to approach the stage. The police broke up the brawl and handcuffed three such characters. They were released in short order after a lecture and continued agitate, but were met by defenders of social justice. They tried to say we were not being democratic by not allowing their voice, but they were disrupting rather than showing unity. If they thought there was supposed to be debate at the rally, not so. 

I engaged a little in blocking big provocateurs from trying to get to the speakers and spreading their disgusting role-play of victims being attacked who were excluding them. I let the bigger and younger opponents of racism do the heavy work. I responded to one 6' something young white guy who complained to me that we were hassling him and his friends who just came to observe. I said, "We came here to unite for a cause. You came here to provoke. If you want to observe, then observe. Observe respectfully, shut up and mind your manners."

I left the rally early because I had arranged to meet a guy through the online dating service. We were supposed to meet at a nearby cafe. I am leary about candidates who list themselves as Christian, for it can be an ideological sign. He showed up and on time. Right away, though, I could see that he seemed agitated. He complained about the traffic and parking. He kept complaining about this group and the government and worked his way up to attacking refugees and welfare recipients. No need to repeat the trash talk here. I just said, "Okay. Saiyanara," and walked out. I don't stand for that kind of talk and I do not waste time with very negative people.

I sent him a note through the dating service messaging to say that the main reason I left was his deep negativity. I told him I consider that he is likely a deeply unhappy person who needs to work on getting happier. I also defended my position on racist talk.

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