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Transition - 10th day back

I have been back in Vancouver, Canada for over 10 days. I have not had time to process the move, nor feel the effects of the contrasting environment. I am enjoying the familiar places and faces, the green spaces, fresh air and good food here.

I have lodging in my friend's townhouse suite right on the water at a marina in central Vancouver. The home is well equipped and stocked and quite spacious. Though an old complex and despite the heavy rain and cold weather, the location is nevertheless gorgeous. It is a few minute's walk from the Granville Island market and artist workshops. 

I had a good visit with my host for two days before she left on a month-long vacation. She is very warm and helpful. 

All the same, I was not warned of the situation with the dogs, two small terriers. I knew they were old not very active. My friend did not explain that the pet-sitting would require spending a lot of time in the house since the one dog is so old he needs to relieve himself frequently. I mean I cannot leave them and go out all day. She does not want them left outside, and it has been too cold and wet for that, anyway. I was also ignorant of the fact that the one was on his death bed last year a couple of times, and not expected to survive one episode last summer and one last November. I have therefore felt some stress while I have been keeping a close eye on him, even lying awake at night listening for the clickety-click of his nails on the hardwood floor to tell me he was awake and possible wanting to go out into the patio, and listening to his wheezing and coughing. The first night with him, his hacking cough and gurgling and gasping went on for several hours straight. It worried me. He has congestion because of his weak heart. He settled down after that first night, but it has taken me quite a few days to figure him out. He actually belongs to a relation of my friend, and my friend is not used to having him around; she knows the schedule and habits of her own dog best. Finally, I came up with a system of my own to manage the needs and cycles of both little beasts, so that I can start going out without them. The second dog loves to go for walks and wants to stay out for hours, so I have taken him on trips to the shops and local sights. It has been difficult for me to escape the house alone, though, to take care of my own business. 

I need to especially room and job searching. I went out to cross the city and see a room one cold rainy evening, leaving in the evening for the first time and, unsure whether to keep the dogs in over the time-span of my outing, had left the patio door open for them to go out, but the gate shut. The gate was not secure, it turned out, so they escaped. I learned of this when I got a call from Mexico. Oh, God! I got clarification about the dogs and more instructions for the house and dog care, which should have been dispensed before my friend took off, not that I agree with her perception and rules. Anyway, it got sorted. 

It was only last night, though, that I went out on a social engagement. I had to time it right and hurry there and back, leaving my friends in the cinema a bit prematurely, but with their understanding of my predicament. 

Today, I left for a job interview. Actually, it was a room viewing and job interview, because I am discussing the opportunity to be a personal assistant for a Property Manager in exchange for a room plus salary.

This prospect would be a start and keep income coming in. I have been firing out job applications to all kinds of employers for all kinds of jobs. I am looking for writing or editing work, and education program coordination as well as admin jobs. I've only been back for 11 days, but I have been sending out job applications since November. There has been very little response aside from automated electronic acknowledgements, except for a nicely written rejection letter from a government department. For that reason, I'll compromise my preferences in order to get accommodations without blowing savings on rent, and get some new employment experience.

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www.eessayontime com on June-10-18 3:34 AM
The transition familiar faces the great and townhouse suite right on the water for equipped artist workshops always. I am getting the more helpful required spending the frequent time and solid needs.
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