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Transition2: An Astrological Reading

I guess someone posted an invitation to get a free mini reading from astrologyanswers.com on Facebook, and I had enough free time to look into it and thought it might be fun to try it. I just received and read my mini reading. 

It mainly says I'm in a "period of transit" and may realize it. I don't know if they say that to everyone who writes in, but it obviously really does fit me in my present circumstances. It further suggests that I could be rewarded a great deal of "love and abundance" if I handle the transition well. Right.

However, the reading paints a picture of me having considered myself unlucky and experiencing some fog or blockage for some time. Well, I realise I did through earlier stages of my life, but not lately. I feel I've been on an upswing for at least 7 years, and that moving to Korea was very suitable for me almost 10 years ago. Now I feel that I should move again and change my occupation to maintain that positive momentum.

The reading is a little contradictory because it describes me as a lucky person, though one who may not have known how to make the most of it before, and one entering a new phase of luck in which the potential for love and abundance is, well, abundant. It says I may sense this, but I need some tips on how to tap that astrological resource. As anyone might expect, it then gets into a sales pitch for a more extensive reading and materials for making good choices in the future. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Here is a copy of the mini reading by Astrology Answers.

Free Mini-Reading for Barbara

You need to find the answers to certain questions that concern you personally, questions you've probably been asking yourself for quite some time. You are involved with the people around you, you're interested in your future, and you look for ways to make your daily life easier.

Let's start with the main traits that make up your psychological profile, the particularities of your character that are completely exceptional when looked at as a whole (taken separately these traits might seem ordinary, but in your case their combined effect explains much of the meaning of your life): Sense of beauty, love of life, simplicity, intelligence, grounded, ambitious, tenacious, loyal, energetic, warm hearted... and I should also mention Lucky, since luck smiles down on you naturally, and could become totally amazing if you knew how to take advantage of it!

Love - Emotions
Love plays an important role in your life, and you engage yourself with fervor, wisdom and gratitude. You do a lot to deserve your happiness, and you hope that your significant other is willing to pay you back in kind. You want to see desire and passion in the face of your loved one, and you want to be the only person to benefit. But be careful not to let your sense of possession gain the upper hand, or your passion might turn into destructive jealousy. Jealousy will destroy what your lucky star wants you to build.Here is some important advice that might help you: persevere in your intimacy, don't let just anyone into your private life, never discuss your problems with anyone you don't completely trust, and make sure the people around you leave you in peace as far as your affairs of the heart are concerned, since they concern only you.
Social Life
You have enough personality and magnetism to do without any superior authority. Have faith in yourself, in your ideas and your initiatives. Hold your head high and persevere, and you will move forward without problems, even in the most delicate or hazardous of times.
Your golden number is 2, your lucky number par excellence. Use the number 2 as often as you can: for example, when you set up an important meeting, insist on the 2nd day of the month, or 2 o'clock in the afternoon; when you take a train, get in the 2nd car. Use it whenever you play games etc.If you have premonitory dreams - and you should! - 6 is your most auspicious number. It's also lucky for travel and in financial matters. And 19, your number for happiness, can also be used to combat misfortune.Use a combination of these three numbers as often as you can. Luck will do many things for you, and your intuition will do the rest.

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Get PT0-001 exam questions on August-16-18 8:07 PM
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Anonymous on December-09-18 10:32 AM
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online resume service on December-09-18 10:36 AM
I used to read this kind of reading before. I don't know why but I just love discovering some new things through reading. I can still remember the topic that I always read before, it was love. I think I was just desperate before to find this so called love not knowing that I already found it in my family. Anyway, I am no longer able to do it right now because I can't find time anymore. But of course, if I will be given the chance again, I will grab it for sure.
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