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Eye of the Optimist-New 5 year plan

I set a 5-year plan three years ago. It's time to review and rebuild it to cover the next 5 years.

In accordance with the original plan drawn up three years ago, I am preparing to abide by one of two pledges, namely to stop teaching in Korea and move back to Canada. Just a few days ago, I began listing my personal belongings that I want to sell or give away, for which I took and uploaded photos of my stuff, and have already given away a few items. I have already transferred most of my savings from Korea to Canada. Having recently sent two small boxes of things I want to keep off to Canada, I just need to pack one more and take it to the post office some time in the next couple of weeks. I have announced an "open house" sale and invited local expats and colleagues to come and pick over stuff just before Christmas day.

I have addressed a  pledge to develop a profile as a professional writer by joining the Canadian Authors' Association, applying for professional writer status, creating an online writing and editing service, applying for jobs as a writer, and completing some courses. Actually, I'll have completed four editing courses this year once I submit my exam in a few days. I have applied for a variety of jobs posted for writers, such as in-house writing and editing of marketing materials, and positions related to journalism and publishing firms. Through two platforms, I have set up profiles as an expert offering writing services for fees, though I do not expect much from them yet until I do some promotion. I will address promotions of my business after I land in Canada in January. 

As I have more experience in the education field, work in education is a good back-up if I cannot secure a decent position in publishing or writing. I have been applying for non-teaching jobs, aiming for some kind of program management position, perhaps in international education, and shooting for a good salary. I just applied to be an international admissions officer or program adviser at a few institutions, and an education officer in the provincial government.

As for the exercise pledge. I have been teetering on the edge of the exercise wagon, though I have not completely fallen off. Since I could not stand to go to the campus gym any more, and did not have much time for workouts given my heavy teaching schedule last semester, I have just hiked mountains around town, or done an outdoor exercise routine with a jog in my neighbourhood once or twice a week since October. It's been a bit too cold in the mornings for that, though, so this type of routine is best done in the milder afternoon temperatures, but I cannot always devote time to it. I want to sort out a new routine in the new year.

I have mostly been eating well according to my own standards of healthy food, though I have been indulging a little in sweets since the cold weather started in November. Anyway, I always do in December when it is my birthday and Christmas.

With the above assessment of honouring the pledges of my original five-year plan over the past 12 months, I now want to outline a renewed short-term (1- and 5-year) plans.

One-year plan:

1. Put in my resignation to the university by this Thursday.
2. Pack up my life in Korea. Finish distributing the personal things I do not intend to hang on to, and pack up what I do want. Cash in whatever else I can, close my accounts, get one last dental hygiene appointment, and make arrangements for the pension contributions refund over the next three weeks.
3. Take time to say good-bye to certain people before leaving, such as inviting friends to the open house, and setting up appointments.
3. Keep applying for work in writing/editing, publishing, and education and take something by early March, while taking some short-term employment int he meantime.
4. Find temporary rental housing by the first day of March.
5. By temporary health insurance by the end of January.
6. Relocate as per the demands of the best job I can get.
7. Make new friends, keep in touch with old ones.
8. Keep to a small budget and save what I can all year.
9. Keep writing and publishing my own stuff.
10.Find new pastimes like recreational activities, including a new exercise routine.
11. Re-establish Canadian residence status by June, 2017, then renew my driver's license and provincial medicare plan.
12. Decide whether to take more editing courses by May, 2017.

Five-year plan:

1. Land a decent job by March, 2017.
2. Save money, and make a decision about cashing out some assets and buying new property in the fall of 2018.
3. Buy a vehicle by summer 2018.
4. Keep fit and healthy.
5. Make a decision about retirement in November, 2021, just before my 65th birthday.
6. Start traveling again by 2019.
7. Keep making new friends.
8. Look for some appropriate involvement that includes political writing/ education as an activist by 2019.

Of course, one should also keep in mind the long term. Here is a sketch of a 10-year plan.

1. Start taking retirement benefits between the age of 65 and 67.
2. Keep healthy.
3. Own a home by 2020.
4. As of 2022, consider volunteer work that involves travel, perhaps as a shortish term (6 to 12 months) teaching gig.
5. Keep up political action and writing.

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