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Eye of the Optimist-Birthday outcomes

Yesterday was my birthday and everything went well. It was a full and lively day. A brother called me in the morning and we had a good chat. The parties I had announced were successful. Invitees responded well and with love, even though many are not aware that the motives for holding the parties is also to express farewells. There were additional bonuses to the day; for one thing, I was informed of an opportunity to have a job interview, and I received three very positive comments to my blog.

The noon-hour office gathering brought 4 members of the profs' hiking group, a small super class, and the best of my friends and neighbours from among my colleagues. They ate most of the treats I had brought. The atmosphere was joyful.

As planned, I later met some people at a restaurant where I tried a new Korean dish, potato soup. It turns out that it is actually boiled pork ribs in leaves and potato slices. It was very well prepared and tasty. I thought it might be a meatless dish, but not so. Not a few of my acquaintances do not eat pork, so some invitees avoided the dinner but caught up with us later. One non-pork eater ventured into the restaurant, however, and we found satisfying a rice dish for her.

From the restaurant, we moved on to a very chic and spacious cafe. It was a very pleasant time with a Persian family and Russian speakers.

The colleagues from among my neighbours who live in the same building as I do have not met in quite some time. We used to socialize more often, but seemed to go separate ways after the novelty of our new surroundings and new employment wore off. It was great to renew the friendship and spend time together once more, especially as I will not be returning after the winter break.

Other good things happened yesterday. After I'd gotten back to my apartment and was settling in for the night, my phone started chiming. Weirdly, I received three blog comments in a row, apparently from separate viewers. All these comments were complimentary, saying how useful the blog is and how it stands out in terms of topic and style. Amazing!

Yesterday morning, I received a reply from a job application for online tutoring. Curious about current international job postings in the English teaching world, I was browsing when I found an ad for online tutoring. When I've seen such an ad in the past, it seemed sketchy. The one I responded to seemed more substantial, formalized, and properly laid out with duties and pay details, and a compelling hiring process.  I was thinking that it might be a good thing to do if I could continue it over in Canada, so I thought I"d try applying. It turns out that I might be able to do that, for they are operating with tutors in many locations and time zones. I was concerned about the compatibility with their tutoring programs for some of my hardware is on the fritz, but it turns out that what I am using now is good enough. I scheduled an interview for this afternoon. I'll soon have to prepare for the interview.

To my surprise, I found the toilet working. I have not used it in about three weeks, opting to go to the public toilet downstairs in lieu of risking a nasty flood in my bathroom. I guess it was clogged from months of bird debris and such. Anyway, it is fine now. I suppose that my neighbour snuck in a used a plunger. He said he was trying to find me in to do it; I think he entered anyway to surprise me with a working toilet as a birthday bonus. He knows the door lock code because he is the one who usually stands in to feed the birds when I am absent.

I hadn't asked for gifts, but a received a few small ones plus cards--even a couple of sweet gifts from students into a few small things from colleagues. Actually, I opened birthday letters that received from family members a few weeks ago, which contained nice cards and notes.

All in all, it was a festive yet productive day that lifted me up.

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