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When life gets you down, it may help to realize that what you see or think you see may be less than it really is. I mean, perhaps there is more to it. Perhaps there are more dimensions with other forms of existence. Perhaps, too, if you live alone, you don't.

It may be true that all humans may have more vision that they think if they tuned in and learned to make use of their mind's eye better. Some people claim to have extra vision, and there is some evidence, such as the feats of mediums, clairvoyants and time-travellers who have played big roles in solving crimes and ridding house of peculiar or dark energies. With today's technologies and growing open-mindedness in conventional and official circles, even among scientists and scholars precisely because science is catching up, the evidence is mounting. Then there are the experiences of "ordinary" folk who reach some point when their experiences and awareness broadens, such as when they see an apparition or hear an intelligence speak inside their minds. Such people may change their beliefs and attitudes about life after death or spirits entirely.

This topic is on my mind because I recently have stumbled upon videos dealing with it while browsing Youtube for light entertainment. Not that this is my first such discovery. Because of my own experiences, I sometimes pause and reflect on related phenomena. I am reflecting on this vein of thought again this week.

There have been occasions since I was in my 30s when I have seen apparitions. In the last home I had before moving to this continent, poltergeist activity had become routine; yeah, I heard invisible people sitting down and saw the impressions of their seat in sofa cushions; saw single objects pop off stable surfaces while nothing else was disturbed; witnessed strange images appear on the TV as it was turning off or on; had visions of visitors in dreams; asked questions about it all silently and got answers in my head soon after; heard strange voices come through simultaneously with a broadcast of a radio commercial; observed inexplicable lights flashing on walls, and so on and so on. These were real experiences. Of course, I wondered about them, once I stopped reacting with fright, but my reflections run dry after a while because it is never all explained and perhaps never can be. I live here in the now, so I choose to be focused on life. I don't get very involved in the matter; I don't study it or try to hone my skills. Still, my curiosity overcomes me from time to time, prompting me to think about the experiences, look into what others experience, and ask more questions. When I ask for confirmation that "they" are still around and with me, I get it. The last time, the Youtube video I had been PLANNING to watch, was up and ready to play on the computer when I came back into the room after turning on the device and waiting for the programs to reload. Yeah. I had started to run the Youtube site, but not selected anything yet, two evenings in a row, and found what I HAD BEEN THINKING OF WATCHING selected and loaded, waiting for me. If I notice an unusual event like this, I stay calm, though it has strongly registered and impressed me, and reason that somebody else had intervened, a reminder that we are never alone. 

If you think positively, you attract positive energies around you, including good spirits that can work to help you. To me, the encounters with "the other" or touches with powers beyond help to center me, make me confident about how I live, and secure about aging and death. They also give me courage and remind me how much more is possible in this life and beyond.

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resume writingservices in canada on May-04-17 5:45 PM
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