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Eye of the Optimist-positive outcomes

More positive outcomes today. Positive action after reflection can make things happen. For example, some things quickly worked out for me by today once I had realized there was an issue, made choices about goals, then took action. With my positive thinking approach, I manage to solve problems very quickly.

One set of tasks involved my summer vacation travel. Yesterday, I suddenly realized that I had better get into gear to sort out some arrangement for my summer travel. I have a loose schedule with a vague idea of making some visits. I got the ticket without having a concept of this year's trip. I asked myself why I was going this year at all, if it is to be my last year working abroad, at least in this country. I wondered whether I had wasted my money on the plane ticket and was setting myself up to waste my time in Canada. Once I thought about how I could make the most of my trip, a plan started to emerge.

Having a plane ticket with the departure and return dates, I set about advertising for a live-in pet-sitter and organizing accommodations in Canada. Creating pet-sitting ads and trying to upload photos for them was picky and frustrating work but I made two after about three hours. I was amazed when an email message arrived in my inbox this morning. It was a Swiss woman interested in staying here over the full period I requested in the summer. A well educated and worldly professional woman, she sounds wonderful. We have chatted over Skype and exchanged information. She is still keen.

This morning, I paid more attention to booking at least one week of accommodations in the Vancouver area. Friends want me to visit the outlying areas, and one has offered her place in Vancouver center for a few days, but my itinerary has been sketchy all the same. Finally, I committed to reserving a room for the first week, come what may. I was getting worried that most places with the best deals would be taken by now. However, I struck gold when I came across a good price on a room in a well located house in the suburbs. It appeared to be free for that whole week! I am awaiting confirmation, but it sounds promising.

As I was making the reservation for the room, it occurred to me that I should research some employment prospects while in BC to make the most of my trip. My itinerary should allow me some time to visit personnel offices around the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, and on Vancouver Island. A brief glance at the postings for education and editing jobs revealed a lot of opportunities in both geographical areas. 

I am feeling confident that something interesting and well paid will work soon out for me next year when I return to resettle in Canada. I know I have solid qualifications, and I am better focused than ever on the type of work I can do. Against that backdrop, I want to paint the best portrait of me and my skills. Today I started collecting quotes of commendations of my work. I am also reflecting on how best to revise my CV. I should be well prepared when I knock on a few doors this summer.

Yeah, the plan I made last year was to focus on professional writing. I have adjusted that goal, with a clearer expectation that I will have to continue to make a good living for a few more years yet, especially to afford the lifestyle in Canada. I am preparing myself to aim for editing jobs, or at least education program development or consulting, which could involved editing promotional and learning materials. I will persist with the creative and self-improvement writing at the same time and see what happens. My plans are always flexible.

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australianwritings on June 12, 2019 4:53 PM
If you think positive and do positive work in your life then make sure your results are also positive. It just depends on you that you want to give up or start working.
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