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Eye of the Optimist-The Illusion of Boredom (poem)

The Illusion of Boredom
Hundreds of billions of galaxies
A hundred billion in ours
And you say you’re bored?
The means you may lack
But you could imagine
If you let loose your power
Into the universe
To fly and explore,
If only via the mind
The power that the universe provides
That created your home, your life
You could at least read about it
To get better informed
See pictures
And maybe a spark of excitement
Will ignite out of your smoldering soul
The life deep within you
See what it took
For you to be here?
And what marvels transpired?
And what evolved so far?
What lays ahead?
You could think about that
Ponder our options
Our fate and probabilities
That would keep you busy, too
Perhaps stir up a little excitement
Scientist of today are going inward though
To the innermost reaches of matter
Arriving at ever smaller particles
For which it is getting harder
To remember their jargon
In reverse process of inquiry
A great quest into the other side
Into the alter state,
The opposite of what is
Into the alter-existence.
That, too, seems to be a never ending story
Or at least a question without an answer
Right, your scratch on the Earth
May be imperceptible
And escape review and examination
Unless there is a Judge on a Judgment Day.
We are so small on the scale of things
Particles that cannot be seen
Without powerfully focused lenses
Way out there from the Space Center
And there are billions of us
And trillions and trillions
Of the things we have created
One hundred an ninety-six countries
Most with several cultures
There are 6,500 languages spoken
Nearly eight million species
Including some 300,000 plants
All this, and you don’t have enough?
All this, and you feel apathetic?
All this, and you can’t keep busy enough?
You say you have not enough
By which to keep yourself amused?
Woe be the petty-bourgeois spirit!
Oh, the angst it produces!
How much it frets!
The petty thoughts
Detached from human circumstances,
Impervious to what’s happening.
“Sigh, but I’ve been to France.”
“Oh, yeah, I’ve been to Bali.”
“Yeah, we had jumbo prawns last week.”
“I know. It was okay.”
“Not that again!”
“I have access to 350 television stations
But there’s nothing on TV.”
“I have too many clothes but I’ve nothing to wear.”
“What to do?”
“Ho-hum. Shopping again!”
“I am never satisfied.”
“Our neighbours have that,
So should we.”
“Our neighbours are different
There’s something wrong.”
“I had my face fixed,
But it doesn’t look right.”
“They said that diet would work
But this body…ugh!”
“I exercise, and it’s not right.”
“I don’t like my body. Exercise?!
Importance is confined to narrow terms
The borders of your universe
Do not appear to cover much.
Who are you in all this?
What do you amount to?
You could despair.
You could give up.
That is not necessary, either.
As a feature of the wondrous universe
You have power.
Also, you have a lot to choose,
And way more to lose.
You can choose to see, or not.
You can choose not to take the effort of choice
Then complain, anyway
You can choose to think, or not
You can choose to measure less
And reduce  value, or not.
You can choose to live
Or just hover around
Until expiration.
You can choose to let the world
Excite, inform and engage you,
And you can give back, be involved, do
Else, be bored,
Spirit like putty
Vision impaired
And mind like cardboard.
Yeah, if I was like that,
I would feel flat, too
I’d say my world
Had little to offer
But actually my world thrives
It is multi-dimensional
And full of color
And exciting every day
I am not bored
If the day is slow
Be glad, enjoy
Observe and feel
Our construct of time
Has limits
You are just here for a little while
After all.
Make the most of it.
Do not complain.
Revel. Marvel. Be part of it.

March 19, 2016

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besteassy on July 3, 2018 10:41 PM
Eye of the optimist the illusion of boredom and increasing the billions of galaxies for power that the universe provides. Great job, keep follow edwise2008 site and making the smoldering soul excitement pictures.
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