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A few years ago, I decided enough with formal studying. I made an exception by trying to learn some Korean, but it has not been very formal. As for anything else, I've contemplated it and said, "No. No more." I thought about it because enhancing my credential as an English foreign language educator may be required back in Canada. However, I'm very reluctant to do that and I really don't want to do it. I would if absolutely forced to. However, I have found an alternate way to make a living back in Canada, and that is editing. One thing that encourages me besides my related experience and education is the convenient availability of training  and even certification in editing, should I wish to go that far.

I could get by on at least some part-time English teaching as I re-establish my life back home, but I plan to move on from that occupation into some role in editing. I found online non-credit courses to support this final career transition, which make it more likely that I could do it. I'd add the course and a referral from the instructor to my CV.

Am I contradicting myself here by swearing not to take up further formal studies and then announcing I am doing it? Not exactly. That is because the editing course is a non-credit, short term course without exams but with a formal acknowledgment. That is to say, the work load is light. The student has to participate in online chats, collaborate with class mates and complete a few small assignments. Only a few assignments are required; for one thing, part of the required work is editing each other's drafts. Sweet. 

I could get a certificate if I finished all in the editing program, but that is 144 stated hours of participation. I am not warm to that idea. The course I'm enrolled in at the moment, a basic business writing class, completes 30 hours. the next available one would be worth 12 hours of the program. That'd be 42 out of the way, leaving 102 more to go. I don't know about completing the program, and not just because of the time involved. The cost is also high: the present course had a price tag (inflated!) of over $800. The next would cost more than $300. Yikes. 

However, a track record of a few such courses tells the world that I am committed to the work of editing and am getting some formal training and knowledge to add to my ongoing experience as a pro reviewer of translations. As my instructor says, though, I have "got the papers" already. I hope to embellish the record with a reference from him, since he teaches all the online courses of this program. 

Anyway, my point in bringing this matter to the table here in this blog spot is to say that there are different ways of studying and online non-credit courses can suit some purposes. Some less formal but nonetheless structured and formalized study may be more suitable for some or some of the time. It is considered a business course, inviting anyone to sign up. It is not connected to academic programs. The online non-credit variety certainly is convenient. For me, it is all I want at this point in my life. It still keeps me learning and helps me to grow. It helps me make a living and find my way. 

One aspect of this kind of course is the practicality. The main teaching method is learning by doing. We create or use real documents from our work. We get feedback. We learn some techniques of improving our writing. It is useful.

I am finding the online non-credit study stress-free, though I have to keep on track and follow through. Failure to complete or respond would mean failure of the course, after all. It is not totally free, of course. It is informative and practical enough. As a writer, I enjoy the exchange about writing. It is meaningful to me because I am a writer and writing is a big part of my life, getting bigger all the time. Therefore, it is highly relevant, and motivates me because of that. It is different and perhaps better than being driven by a necessity to achieve scores on exams and assignments.

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