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Eye of the Optimist- birthday horoscope

Today is my birthday. Most horoscopes for December 12 are not yet available, as they would be made in far away time zones. I found one with a Buddhist influence on the birthscopes.com website.

"Birthday Horoscopes for 12/12   The December 12th person has a way of using their appearance to achieve an end result. This is not to say that they are not mentally capable of achieving the same goals but it is a unique advantage that they possess. In business and in their private lives they usually do well with acquisition. The ideal mate of this person would  promote an atmosphere of suchnessA look ahead; Do we dress the way we do to attract attention or do we attract attention because of the way we dress?"

I was surprised by this read because I do not see myself as someone who thinks about her appearance a lot, although I know many are impressed by my appearance and often make comments about me based on my appearance before other bases, like commenting on clothes, accessories, hair, etcetera. I do not recall reading any horoscope for my sign that made this point, but it seems to touch on a vibe of truth. Now that I reflect on this topic, moreover,

 I realize that I have been dwelling on appearance today because I was trying to decide on what to wear to my birthday party. In making this choice, I wanted to make an impact, especially as it will be a day for a lot of photos and this day, like many of my birthday celebrations, my birthday is being celebrated in combination with other reasons to celebrate, like farewells, term end, and winter holiday festivity for employees. I invited my department to join me in celebrating my birthday, and a retirement and other birthdays and stuff and the response has been good, so I expect a great turnout. 

As for the weekly read, here is one for the current week.


The week ahead could bring a few upbeat surprises and disruptions your way, which you'll need to take in stride. Even so, try to take extra care when it comes to your social life, as impulsive words or actions could upset a good friendship or even a budding romance. It's better to opt for tact and diplomacy rather than total honesty. Friday's New Moon in your sign is perfect for making changes, particularly in areas where you may have felt stuck. (horoscope.com)

The point about tactfulness is a constant for Saggitarians, as we tend to speak with lethal honesty and with brutal directness, which is a social liability. You either love it or hate it.

As for the coming week, here is another forecast. It is in the same vein, which is predictable.

Weekly Overview: Sagittarius
From December 14, 2015 thru December 20, 2015
You are feeling a bit slow at the beginning of the week, most likely because the weekend was exhausting and you're still stuck in a sort of dreamland. But starting Tuesday you'll be bounding out of bed every morning. You may even be bouncing off the walls. You are a true original, and when someone asks you for your opinion on Thursday, you are going to give it to them, no holds barred. People love you for your directness. Continue to communicate in bold ways over the weekend, even with people you barely know. You make friends quickly.

Feeling slow because of a tough of the flu that won't quite let me go. Symptoms have been minimal but it has been draining off and on for the past week. Also, I am enjoying the conclusion of the semester's classes, and the free time on my hands.

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