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Paris under attack

Last night, Paris came under attack. To now, the French media has reported over 150 victims, mostly fatal, and several bombings and shootings at select venues around to districts in the city center, including a concert hall and a sports stadium. It is the worst kind of savagery than humans can commit, though I cannot fathom how one is capable of committing such an act or even contemplating one. It is profoundly anti-social and anti-life to do such things, so there can be no rationality to them whatever the claimed cause may turn out to be.

I think that it is more than attack on Paris and Parisien/nnes or France because of what Paris symbolizes to the world. People the world over are attracted to Paris because of its reputation, scenery and culture. To visit Paris is to show one is cultured and civilized as well as privileged enough to even afford to go there. 

Indeed, the terrorists assaulted crowds at the  Bataclan Theatre on  Boulevard Voltaire where a concert was taking place. It is meaningful that such a venue was targeted, in my opinion. The assailants also blasted away in an area adjacent to a stadium where a soccer game was under way where the President of the Republique was in attendance. Of course, it is probably not just by chance that such a place was chosen.

To launch such heinous deathly violence against the public anywhere is an to attack life, civilization and public freedoms. Commentators are correct in saying that there are organized and motivated forces so dark that, these days, they might turn up and wreak destruction on the general public and human progress anywhere. As much as progressive or left thinking people may perceive the manifestations and orchestrations of state interests and ploys, one must recognize the prevalence of purely evil anti-social forces that exist today with the aim of rejecting modern societies, human advancements and democratic freedoms, whether they actually be police agents of some sort or radical independent forces, under whatever banner or name, who practically worship violence, mayhem and rule by force.

In the face of such horror and horrific creatures that appear to be human, one must remain strong, and use the best knowledge and wisdom in defense of life and culture and the social good, We need unity around the highest commitment to the best understandings of civilization and social good. 

The people everywhere must stand up and denounce such atrocities whoever commits them and whatever the stated justification. It is a time for the most positive and caring to be strong, get together and speak up.

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