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The practice of clipping the wings of captive birds is reprehensible. Breeders and store workers often clip the wings of the birds in their care in order to control them, transport them efficiently and display them, but I think there is no good excuse for doing it. By definition, generally speaking, birds have wings to fly and removing wing feathers deprives them, humiliates them and attacks their bird being.

In April, 2015, I bought a Gouldian Finch from a bird store whose wings had been severely chopped down to the base. Knowing that only a few new feathers grow each term during the annual moult, I was saddened for my little friend's fate and the belief that it might take three years for him to recover and fly again. Besides, he was further disadvantaged by the trauma, malnourishment, damage by mites, chronic sinusitis and general weakness, factors that hindered the moulting process and his general fitness.

After making every effort to see him through recovery, little Cerano began to perk up and get active. He started to sing a few times a day. Gradually, his jumping around the cage got more effective, as he became as playful as a normal healthy finch. He began swinging. Then I noticed that some of the chopped wing feathers were dropping once in awhile. With proper food and medication and prevention measures against the illness and mites, he got stronger.

This summer, he tried flying more and more, but he couldn't achieve a full flight until this month. Miraculously, the little guy exited his cage this morning, looked around and thought it over, then flew across the room. On such a sunny day, he naturally headed for the window but was protected by a secure bug screen, so he made a soft albeit surprise landing on a bed. He recovered and began to enjoy himself, then flew to the TV on a desk, and finally back to land atop his cage.

It seems that Cerano's achievement is due to his will to fly. I hope that my conscientious care giving was also a contributing factor.

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