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Eye of the Optimist-the character of negativity

You may be thinking that I have taken an unwarranted dark turn away from optimism if you have been reading my blogs lately. Not so. I think it is worthwhile to understand well what human negative thinking is, essentially, and where it can and does lead. We need to know what it is not, and how thinking positively is to oppose and be part of a larger opposition to anti-social and anti-life tendencies. If you do, then appreciating that positive thinking is not just a personal project of brightening up individual lives, or merely a benevolent health project for the sick. It is about rejecting what is sick, dangerous and lethal about modern thinking to come up with a fresh attitude and inspiration, energy and motivation for communities to reform and rebuild, and a new socially positive and developing way of life to be developed. There is a lot at stake, considering the shape that the world is in these days. Yes, individual thought and action matters for positive thinking can provide model, counsel and leadership, to change the course of groups of people.

Effective positive thinking builds connections and empathy for people, and it informs and builds understanding and community. With that approach, individuals can be successful at improving their own lives by enhancing the social environment in which they live. They can thus be a factor for peace and positive social change.

Here is a poem voicing concern of the state of the world and some dominant evil elements that seem to hold sway these days. They contaminate and corrupt lives from within society. The antidote is positive thinking and the faith, ideas and confidence it can foster. It is possible for enough positive thinking to overpower negativity, not to say that conscious planning, defense and action of various sorts must not be taken. We still need organized movements to fight the fight. The problem is how to approach it today, and what kind of new society and new person to aim towards since humanity has witnessed negative anti-social thought and persons take over different efforts built on some benevolence and aims of democracy to organize new societies. Well, we can get a grip on what it means to stand for life if we are aware of how life is under attack and who is attacking. We can sort out morality and rights in modern terms if we are aware of immoral behaviour and the damage it wreaks, and take up the right to defend life. 

(from the FOR A CHANGE compilation now in progress)
Knives and Drugs
Drugs and knives
Destroying lives
Crafty villains
Minds focused on the billions
The effect trickles down
To every community and town
Corroding morality and innocence
Breeding and cross-breeding pure decadence
The captains without remorse
Drive its relentless course
Ideas bubbling up from cesspools
To trick fools
Cross friends, force alliances
Assassinate resistances
It could be your family physician
Or some expert clinician
It might manifest an expert opinion
Or be a leader of religious dominion
It could be a teacher
Or self-styled preacher
It could take the form of business dude
Maybe is the guy who sells you “food”
Or morphed into sincere personna who’d
Save children, worship mothers, cure ills
Armed with fine documents, accolades and pills
Beware the devil in disguise
When you gaze into those charming eyes
Knives and drugs
Friendly thugs
Clean and courteous masters
Persuasive ignoble bastards
Infecting agents with the opiates
Of favours, promises, treats and laureates
Exciting thrills, dollar bills
Cherry pies, exceptional highs
They infiltrate to invent the news
Send in their scholars to confuse
Use science to back them up
Dope us with numbers, facts and muck
For the sake of illegitimate power
Hoping it’ll last at least an hour
They’ll regret for it is really quite perverse
In the framework of the vast universe
By its scope, movement and might
Its duration, disinterest and light
In that context, so meaningless is wealth
So irrelevant the self
There’s nothing to be won
By investing in shit, murder and gun
They’re infinitely small, so trite
Less than lint, virus and mite
So be wise to the game
Forget about fortune and fame
Reject the way of the drug and knife
Stay on the side of clean good life

May 25, 2015

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