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Eye of the Optimist - fear and hate when others fly

I've been having a discussion about the care of pet birds lately. It seems that many kinds of owner and handlers regularly clip the wings of the birds they possess. I think that practice is an abomination.

A young man defends his act of clipping the wings of his parrot on a false issue of safety. He says the bird will hurt himself flying around the house so it had to be done. Perhaps, though, a large parrot should not be in such a house. Perhaps an animal that flies is inappropriate there. 

I recently got a little bird to keep company with another in my home. I found out that all the feathers on the upper portion of each of his wings have been cut down by more than half the length. It is so cruel! The poor little thing has to hop around and is often falling. He is extra vulnerable and more dependent in this condition. It will take a long time for the old feathers to drop by a natural moulting process, so he could be stuck like this for a few years. It is upsetting. I blame the companies and individuals who commit such atrocities.

Why are there always the mean spirited and conquest minded elements who fear and hate seeing beautiful things fly? It seems that many individual humans prefer to see someone in a weak and vulnerable state. They fear and resent it when a creature grows to be strong, healthy and attractive, and displays confidence enough to excel and reach for success. Such ignoble and violent persons want to beat down life and prevent joy and progress.

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