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Eye of the Optimist - Life Transitions

I teach and in one of my classes we have been talking about life transition. We have discussed the meaning of the term and what kind of mental process that one goes through when they experience a big change in the life situation. It is really a question of mental health. If you make it through the process, you come out healthy and feeling positive about the new circumstances. You adjust and go with the flow.

There seems to be a lot of information on this topic on the internet uploaded by kind people and responsible services that are knowledgeable about it. I think people should be grateful for that because a big life change can be very disruptive, disconcerting, frustrating, infuriating, and hard to manage. Actually, one big change usually brings another, so that humans usually experience multiple life changes all at once.

Consider moving. You lose  many familiar neighbours, friends, routines, recreational activities, scenery, and conveniences such as reliable services and stores. Proximity to a significant family member may be lost as well. The move likely coincides with a change in occupation, too. You have to learn new procedures, routines, authority, commutes and information. You have to get used to a new physical environment, as well as a new social context.You have to build new relationships and find out where the things you need and want are. 

What may have been the reason for the move? Was it the job? Was it finances? Was it a change in mates, like a marriage or divorce? Both a big change in financial circumstances and cohabitation are earthshaking life events that impose enough of a burden each in of itself. When compounded with the move and a change in employment, it would be more than most people can bear, so they suffer anger and anxiety, along with grief over the losses. 

The mental health would be in great risk in the event of compounded life changes, so coping methods would be necessary, including remedies for physical health, counseling, relaxation, reflection techniques such as journal writing and goal making. All the more reason to write blogs and other kinds of journals! All the more reason to regularly reflect, assess and set and adjust your goals, short and long term!

There are a pile of expectations of individuals in the modern world. It is very demanding. It pays to be aware of what effects a life transition have, and what the process is like in order to stay grounded and positive-minded.

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