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Eye of an Optimist-poem "Day is Gray"


Gray is the colour of everyday--
Slow down, if you dare, and you can see it
When the engine is at rest and the buzz in your head quietened;
It is the shadows of your kitchen when you are washing up,
The stillness of morning after breakfast when you do not have a plan,
The moments spent alone waiting for the bus,
The ambiance of the fast food restaurant
And the hue of solo travel.

Gray, the painters will tell you, fills up huge portions of the palette
As it occupies the spaces between the other colours;
As such, it is omnipresent--
It is what the rainbow does not cover up,
The backdrop to all our activity
And it fills every crevice and cranny in between the forms we make or assign,
It follows the edges of our selves and our doings in various tones.
It is our reality that defies even the busiest cacophony of brilliant colour
Which is because we can never hold the ground at the height of excitement for long;
The song has to end, the music has to stop and take a few breaths.
Despite this fact, "Play on! Play on!" "Louder, higher!" "Encore, encore! 
Are the insistent cries of the many who want to avoid the grayness.
Some are in constant pursuit of exuberance, by one means or another,
Like money or chemical, like danger or violence,
Like applause or victory, orgasm and sugar,
But there is no escaping the ordinary, no matter who you are or how you try to fix it up.

It is a scary fact of life.
Gray glares back when you look directly at it.
It makes truth as plain as day,
So you may as well embrace it.
Besides, we might discover hidden beauty and treasures deep in the canyons of gray.
Surprisingly, grayness offers enough light to see clearly
And refreshes, cleaning out the ear and mind
So that something new can be noticed and recorded.
It is full of potential for the adventure of discovery, a frontier yet to pioneer
The way naturalists are now exploring what has been there right in front of our eyes all along:
Feral mammals, common insects, salamanders, and such
Following the rush of exoticism over the past decades.
Wonderful marvels are being noted and tracked in the dullness of everyday life;
It is all very hypnotically intriguing and undeniably revealing,
The everyday recognized as the domain of the living.
Gray could be good and good for us.
Embrace the gray--it means we are alive!
Anyway, it may be the extraordinary in the apparently ordinary
Face the gray without fear.
Seek, see, learn and be glad.

February 1, 2015

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