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One should have faith. I am not talking about religion, I am talking about confidence and belief in positive outcomes.

The media portrays a scary evil world, for the most part. Well, there is a lot of evil activity and thought, and it is scary in a lot of respects. However, I believe that the majority of humanity is good. I believe that good things can and will happen. The likelihood of good things happening can be increased by positive thinking.

What are good things? I do not exactly mean personal gain, at least not in terms of material wealth and power or status to dominate others. No. I mean that peace and joy are achievable, and that the standard of living of the majority of humanity (some six billion) can be relatively better. I mean that knowledge and cooperation can be implemented for progress in the sense of social justice, higher social standards, and superior ways of living.

I am not knocking religion, though organized religion and institutions who hold massive property holdings and contribute to oppression and violence are obviously part of the problem holding us back. I am optimistic in that there have been advancements to humanity and human civilizations, sometimes facilitated by religion and religious struggles. I think that belief in a higher power and a force for goodness is positive and productive. I think that it is worthwhile and positive to wish hard for socially redeeming outcomes and general shared prosperity in any form, whether by prayer, rituals, chants, songs, stories, communal gatherings, art or whatever. I would agree that religions and religious people have brought about and continue to bring about good things in many respect, although formal religions still hold back real progress and keep people in chains in many other respects. People should be critical of big formal religion, and little independent religious or quasi-religious outcroppings.

People who feel pessimistic about humanity should step back and study the big picture. They will see many improvements, many good deeds, many positive innovations and outcomes instead of only darkness and negativity. Worldwide, the technology, health, wealth and cultures of humanity have been improving and many problems have been resolved. Let us not overlook the countless volumes of facts that support that statement. 

Let us not overlook the countless good deeds of fellow humans that go on every day to help one another and push forward social progress, knowledge and understanding. Have faith in that sort of business and the people engaged in it.

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