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A Year of Living Positively-Volume 353

Okay. I found out how to download a published text on Smashwords back to my PC. Doing that, I was able to review the numeration of posts in Volumes Three and Two. It was in Volume Two where I discovered the source of the problem. Yes, I got mixed up while traveling to Europe when I crossed a lot of time zones, missing two days, and had to work between my electronic net book, my paper note pad, and available PCs in the hostels. The heart of the matter lay in entry number 177 in Volume Two. Below is a copy of the note about the problem of faulty numeration that I just put in there. The five missing days are thus accounted for.
(Note on December 9 to entry 177, Volume Two: I have downloaded the previously published texted of Volume Two to review the numbering as I seem to be short some entries. I found that entries 170 to 175 had been entered on the web but not into this text, so I am editing now to copy and paste them in here. As I am doing that, I realize that there is some foul-up with numbering these posts. I discovered, as mentioned above that I had inserted two posts under the same heading of #176. Therefore, I have made 176a and 176b. This was done at least three times, as a matter of fact, as I got out of synch while traveling to Europe. There are 178a and 178b, as well as 179a and 179b. That accounts for three missing days that I have noticed as I complete Volume Four. Oh, yes-traveling across time zones twice as I went to and from Europe meant losing a couple of days. I think I have solved the mystery of the missing pieces.)
Given the labor involved in trying to go back and renumber everything from Volume Two through this volume, I prefer to leaves things as they are. Not only would it be an onerous task; the risk for making further errors would be high. Therefore, I wish to avoid that task. We can rest easy knowing that this particular posting labeled “353” is actually the 358 posting.
Then we can add the fact that 2014 is a leap year, meaning that it has 364 days rather than 365. Thus, I should do the last post as scheduled on December 15. Of course, I will be adding a conclusion after that.

We must recall that I actually delayed the first of this series of daily blogs on December 14, two days after my last birthday. That was because I was celebrating on December 12, the day of my birthday, and was busy the next day with work and whatnot.

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