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A Year of Living Positively-Day 352

I am starting to create my plans for the winter. I made a step towards resolving my dilemma concerning housing.
I talked to our university’s housing management and made a request to be relocated within the building. I thought I might like to take over the room that the Thai prof, J, is leaving at the end of this month, but she says it is in poor condition. I was surprised when she told me that there is moisture on the walls and mould. No, I don’t want it like that! I still think a room at the back of the building would be more suitable, preferably on a higher floor, if I can’t leave this building altogether. I’ve seen other rooms at the rear side of the building and they seem fine. I guess J did not ventilate properly, and she most likely boiled food and washed clothes excessively. I never noticed her door left open, for example, not even slightly. Being from a hot country, she probably has kept the window closed a lot since October.
On another front, I expect to go to a meeting at the institute where I am supposed to be a sub from Christmas into January. I am supposed to pay a visit there this week. My colleagues at BUFS are saying that they have been assigned winter work, but no such offers to me, at least not yet. I’m glad I snagged this subbing job for the extra income.
No word about the position in Japan, though. For the time being, I am hoping to move then go to Malaysia and Thailand for a holiday and to attend a social science conference around the end of February. I hope that the date of the move will work out and not interfere with that trip. I really want to go to Malaysia first. J says there is a good train from KL to the border, and reliable buses from the border to Pukhet where the best beaches are. I will try to arrange a visit to a former colleague, one of the old circle of friends going back three years, before I go rest at the beach. I want to see some of the ancient sites in Thailand and conclude the trip with the conference. I will have to pay the conference fees by the 25 this month, then work on a paper. I hope other issues will be worked out beforehand because the fees are non-refundable.
I sorted out some of the numbering of these blogs by going through the online copies and checking it out. There were some duplicated numbers and one blank posting, but I have not found missed days. I went through half a year’s posting, all the way back into June this year. My website still says that there have been only 351 posts, when it should be at 359. That means that a week’s worth of posts is missing. I suspect that copies of blogs on my net book or Volume Two or Three of the word processing files never got uploaded. It will take more labor to find the missing material, upload it and figure out the correct numbering.
I began tutoring a student today. I am doing it for free as she is one of my former students and is yet to graduate. She offered me free tickets to a Christmas concert next week, but these tickets are offered to a lot of foreign profs at no charge every year. I went last year because one of the dancers was a student of mine.
I bought my train ticket for Seoul last night. I am going for the TESOL retreat, but I won’t see my ILPS group that day. They’ll be busy. The ILPS folks want me to see them in Seoul the following weekend Two trips taking 7 to 9 hours both ways twice in two weeks. At least the Korea TESOL organization will probably cover the cost of my ticket on the one trip.
I am still working on some technical issues. A guy is coming to fix the bathroom light fixture tomorrow morning. Also, I may have found someone who can resolve some formatting issues with regards to my online publications whose formatting errors prevent wider distribution.

I tallied the number of pages all four volumes of A Year of Living Positively. I’ll have around 600 pages in total. That’s a lot. It is amazing that I was able to write that much.

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