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A Year of Living Positively-Day 336

I do not know what did it, but something woke me up at 4:30 in the morning. I never got back to sleep. I felt okay, considering. I did the usual stuff, and used the time to wash and style my hair better than most days, and the hair looked pretty good today. (I’ll have to use the same technique next time.) I just donned black jeans and a suit jacket and took off for work a bit early—two hours before my first class—in order to photocopy a quiz in time. I was lucky and found a chance to do the large quantity of copies between other staff with big stacks of papers to produce.
The only negative experience was the communications with the KOTESOL Chapter person who likes to fight me on nearly everything. Of course, she had sent me a long list of objections to work I had recently shared, and she had gotten her best friend, another officer, to echo her protests and nag me further. I had anticipated such stuff. This woman must be full of fear and anxiety. I know better to take it personally. Rather, I think she is the type to buck authority and badger persons of authority. She did not used to be so much like this with me; it has only been since I took on the title of Chapter President that her constant protesting to me started. It’s getting so I want to avoid her and her communications.
I consulted the national president and he agrees with me on that point. I sought his advice about how to handle this situation. He commented that it is typical behavior with presidents of chapters and national officers. Since the main issue of contention has been membership and the question on membership how wide to open our doors to nonmembers, I also sought his opinion. It turns out that there is no policy or common practice on this matter, or any matter for no national policies document or handbook exists at the national level. Also, he said that Chapters in various regions tend to stay isolated and they do not communicate much with the national body.
Anyway, our national Prez made a suggestion to resolve our particular problems. What we do depends on our financial situation, and our pleasure. He thought advertising membership more frequently and widely is best. As for our spring event, he thought we should allow them in but charge them more. That’s fine, and I passed on the suggestion to our group. I just don’t want individuals in our group telling people they don’t have to join all the time, as they have been doing over the past months. I’d like to hear more arguments for membership than against it.
I don’t want to bring it up at our meeting on Sunday, but I want to find a way to douse all the negativity from the one or two people in our group. I want to feel more comfortable with them. I want them to express their opinions in a softer and more constructive way instead of just reacting to me and other stuff.

Anyway, I have sloughed that stuff off for the time being. Even though I am mentioning it here, I am relaxed and looking forward to joining my friend at his Hawaii themed birthday party tomorrow. I’m all set.

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