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A Year of Living Positively-Day 331

It is a nice quiet but mostly industrious day at home. With yesterday’s meeting fresh in my mind, I got to work on some follow-up projects. I took time out to call Canada and catch up with a couple of the bros. I skipped a groceries trip in favour of fiddling about on the computer. I only hopped out to the closest convenience store for milk. I canceled the notion of going to campus, though I got a bit of class preparation done here at home.
With the extra hours subbing that I must do for the next three weeks, I am concerned that I won’t have ample time to plan the grad course lecture, and prepare for the writing class That’s why I had wanted to beat it up to campus today. Instead, I gave more thought to the information for the student’s next essay assignment and wrote up more instructions.
Since we, the new KOTESOL Chapter council are to meet in a week for a two-hour strategy and planning session, the preparations must be done this week. I figured out a concept for a spring symposium and I wrote a set of policies for our Chapter’s work.
As the main architect of the symposium, I get to choose a theme that I like, so I have chosen culture and language teaching. I made a rationale based on my memory of my previous investigations for the grad courses and two conference appearances. I worked out a schedule and program. I got an affirmative reply from a person I approached about being one of the guest speakers. His topic will be “an overview of sociolinguistics”. One of the new local officers is keen about this event, and he likes the concept I put forward. He is our point man with respect to the venue. I even searched for a graphic to work as a logo or emblem for the event and found one that might be suitable.
The policies thing is just a three-page detailed explanation of how we do our work. It lays out the practice according to the by-laws and constitution and overlaps with the descriptions of roles that two other officers are writing. It was labour to take the trouble to spell things out, but it is just a description of how things are being done lately and recent discussions on how we ought to do things in the future.
I then sent a message to our webmaster who uploads stuff to our Chapter’s pages on the organizations main website. We needed to give him the updates from the Chapter’s business meeting, like the names of the new council officers and the new constitution and by-laws. We can announce the date and location of our spring symposium, too.
I found time to enjoy the big cities game. I am working up the levels of the Vancouver and Sydney, Australia games. It can be too engrossing, though, and take up too much time and energy if I am not careful because it is novel to me and a pleasure.
I am also spending time on Youtube. After listening to a couple of crime mystery news magazine type programs, I wanted to explore something different. I have not searched videos on psychics in a long time, which I find amusing, so I got back into it today. I ended up listening to a numerologist. Curious about my number, a quick search told me that it is 9.
Nines, they say, are dreamers concerned about the state of the world who most truly express themselves making huge sacrifices to pursue big causes. That’s me all right! I should point out that those sacrifices have entailed a huge amount of suffering, by the way. The description said that such people should not consciously pursue money, for it would not work out. Nines do not need to, they say; money just falls into their lap, apparently. Well, I have not experienced evidence of that! That would be nice. In fact, I have found that I have needed to think about money because I have spent so much effort thinking about the problems of the world and devoting much of my life to addressing them. Teaching is an appropriate occupation for a nine, and at least one can find a regular pay cheque in such work. I can say I have. Anyway, the numerologists have sanctioned my attitude toward life. I feel someone out there has granted me permission to be a dreamer preoccupied with improving the world. Also, since sacrifice is key for a nine, I feel further validated for the things I have given up. I am being true to myself, and fulfilling my role in the universe. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and being who I am supposed to be. As for romance, they say a nine regards love in a more impersonal way. That’s me! I may be correct in believing that I have not had much success in the romance department because I have higher priorities and just never care enough. Sometimes I feel that it is just not meant to be, and this reading about the nine personalities underscores that idea.

Well, I will not rely solely on this numerological insight. I will also use my head and the information and insight I have already arrived at about myself and how I should live, like this work on positive thinking.

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