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A Year of Living Positively-Day 326

It seems I was busy all day, a long day. In the morning, I was home but there were matters to take care of over email. One of the local Chapter active members is fretting and buzzing about. She did not attend the meeting on Sunday and now, seeing our notes about it, is anxious and reacting to some of our decisions. She got buzzing online and wrote some text, ad-hoc and out of hand, with something that should be addressed after the new council is established next week. She says she doesn’t “know what’s going on” so texts like guidelines have to be written down, but she habitually fights against formal organization. I called her after work tonight to talk with her about membership because she has been actively undermining membership for months and she communicated that she thought anybody regardless of membership could and should attend the annual business meeting. This attitude is damaging for our membership is in decline, as it turns out. Actually, nobody in our Chapter knows who our members are, or how many and it is because of this attitude. She has been actively discouraging membership and lead an inner circle of peers to take up that line. I think she has an anti-formality, anti-authority kind of outlook in addition to some misconceptions. She says she mistrusts the national leadership, without taking into account that it is mostly the Chapters that make it up. I think she distrusts me simply because of my current title as President. Also, she disregards business communications. For instance, I have sent out numerous notes of meetings whish she apparently has never read. Also, she has not read national documents that are available on the website. Actually, she undermines the whole organization by voicing opposition to the organization. Instead of sharing her views through organization communications, she carries on sideline chats and gossip with members and associates and initiates campaigns like deliberately not encouraging membership and rejecting the national council. This woman of whom I speak is the sole candidate for Vice-President, yet she is not very supportive of me or the organization. Part of the reason is inexperience and a weak grasp of common concepts of formal organizations. If she’d been active in a labour union, or student’s association, or charity, she would know, but she does not. Neither do her friends within the active body of our Chapter. They all want things spelled out in terms of tasks, but do not appreciate function and form very well. I hope that bringing new people on board, people with more experience and more respect for formal processes and membership, will help turn things around. The organization cannot survive if it is regarded as a social club or community service. The freeloaders have to be made to join or go away. The organization of the chapter has to be shored up.

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