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A Year of Living Positively-Day 323

The day started nice and easy, then wound itself up and started spinning by the evening. I ended up applying for jobs online, writing half a poem and composing a letter in French.
I went out to a department store to get supplies. On the return trip, I thought of a new poem and I started to write it when I got home. I stopped to make myself a green tea latte with a dash of vanilla, followed by spaghetti for lunch. Then I got onto the computer.
I lost track of the time but managed to call my brother before it was too late, just before I had a late lunch. Actually, I had been browsing TV channels and watching a documentary after catching up with messages when I realized I should call him today. I committed to going on a hike in the morning, which means I could not phone him when I usually do on Sunday around noon.
I went back to watching crime mystery documentaries, starting and stopping the videos so as to do this and that, and sometimes switching to an internet page while listening to the audio of the videos. I wrote a bit more of the poem at one point. It was between four and five in the afternoon that I suddenly got the inclination to check job postings. I ended up making three serious applications, which required writing different cover letters and fine tuning the CV, as well as searching for references on file.
Two of the jobs are positions in handling international students for international study programs at colleges in British Columbia. Just up my alley! Then the third really caught my attention: it was a faculty position where I used to work, the Faculty of Education at SFU. I jumped on that chance, especially because they would accept someone with a doctorate or equivalent experience and qualifications. I know I am a good candidate, so I worked hard on a detailed cover letter, and adjustments to my best CV. The only obstacle from being a strong contender is my age because it is a tenure track positions. However, tenure could be obtained in as little as three years from what I remember of the practices of that Faculty. It is well worth a good, well aimed shot.

Doing that reminded me that I had not yet gotten around to composing a reply to a request of the French department at SFU for alumni to send in updates. I wrote a three-paragraph letter in French. I was pleased with the quality of letter I was able to produce. As crazy as it sounds, my French has been improving greatly and I think it is because of the strain of learning such a difficult language as Korean, as well as the practice I’ve had with my French colleague and watching French TV.

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