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A Year of Living Positively-Day 320

After attending to some household chores and messages, then writing a letter and the blog, I felt really sleepy this morning. I lay down around eleven o’clock thinking that I might catch 40 winks before noon. To my surprise, I woke up at twelve-thirty. I guess my mind and body needed the rest and were aware that I had no need to get to campus before two-thirty for the three o’clock class, so they let me have a deep sleep. The trouble with that was that I felt kind of dopey for the rest of the day. I even had a cup of light coffee late in the afternoon so that I would be in shape for the seven-o’clock evening composition class.
Yeah, I felt that tired in the morning to decide to skip a workout that day. I should do one tomorrow, on Thursday, instead.
I ran into Y. She stayed on campus after her last class in order to join me in the cafeteria for a (crummy) dinner. Actually, the blood sausage soup was okay. She had a huge pile of deep fried pork in sweet and sour sauce, which I believe may have haunted her throughout the night.
I really worked the composition class. Well, they have not had a class for two weeks. They only had to turn in a completed essay after midterm exams week, an essay which had already been partially done since this project has been developed in stages over several weeks. I wanted them to get cracking on the second phase of the course tonight. We went through a reading with vocabulary and comprehension questions, then discussion questions for discussion before getting to the writing lesson. Then I had them do a timed writing test. They had to write a three to four-paragraph “essay” on the topic of the day in around 25 minutes. I surprised them with that work, as they did not expect it and it is a test to be marked. It appears that most of them succeeded, though I have yet to read and evaluate those essays.

Next week, I plan to abandon the textbook in favour of teaching them how to read and write about current events. I’ll start gently with news stories written for various levels of English language learners, then start showing them authentic news stories.

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