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A Year of Living Positively-Day 313

I have been thinking about that conversation with the negative thinker since yesterday. Some people create a negative environment and way of thinking, then become habituated to it. It becomes an identity and comfortable because it is a perspective and a way of life wherein, conceptually, everything fits together. Yes, it is a kind of order. It is a way to make sense of the world. It is even a defense, a reason for problems and not resisting or addressing problems.

Yeah, some people like misery. They like things going wrong. They like considering themselves helpless bystanders being carried hither and thither by this wave or that wind. It is easy to blame others or the circumstances. Even though it is a damaging way of life with a ripple effect on those around you, and even though it is exponentially damaging as a result, people like this resist the effort or advice to make changes. They even try to recruit others to join them in that place to the extent that it can become a mission in life. Haven't you met people like that?

I know, when you are inside a situation, it can be hard to picture things being different. It is especially alien after nay-sayers and critics all around you have shaped a picture of you that they prefer and you internalize it so that you see yourself that way and believe them. I get it. I can relate. 

The student’s university festival is on this week, so many afternoon and evening classes have been canceled. Even though it seems I had a good night’s rest, I felt like I lacked sleep. Perhaps that bug is lingering. I did party a lot on the weekend after a busy week prior to that, and jumped into work on Monday and Tuesday. Actually, I went to work yesterday to receive midterm essay projects and mark them. Our class was canceled for the festivities, but I collected the papers, marked them all and entered the grades on the system last night until about eight o’clock.
Today, I did some household chores, went on a shopping trip and coordinated meetings over the internet. Then I felt sleepy in the afternoon. I lay down but did not actually sleep. It turns out it was good to have a complete day off.
I decided to skip the workout today, especially after having filled and carried three heavy bags of groceries back up the hill to my place. I do the workout tomorrow when I’ll have to return to campus anyway.

We have to build solidarity and build a defense against those negative thinkers. I am trying to be one catalyst to convert others to a more positive way of living. It pains me to see people I know entrench themselves into a self-defeating mode of existence, beat down themselves and deny themselves personal growth, and a more joyful and satisfying existence. 

It is hard to help people to see a better way when the object or deny or point more fingers as soon as one starts to offer a remedy. Yet, they may continue to complain about their situation and the people around them. They may complain of experiencing stress and other kinds of ill health that a change of perspective and lifestyle could alleviate. It is a shame.

Well, one cannot change other people. They have to do that themselves. They have to have will. Others can only make suggestions and offer insights. You can repeat them, but there is no sense in pounding on a solid brick wall. You can just put up a sign and hope someone actually reads it and that the message sinks in.

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