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A Year of Living Positively-Day 310

We, the group at our building in Namsan-dong, had another potluck party. A dozen people showed up and shared good food and tales. 

We occupied the communal room on the top floor, remaining indoors and making use of the ping-pong table for serving food. Everyone eventually sat in a circle on the floor. There were salads, rice, potatoes, humus, fried chicken, kimbap, meat pies, pear, and juice. I was fagged out rather early, but hung around to let the others enjoy the socializing, finally packing up my gear and leaving them behind to amuse themselves and clean up as they pleased. (I'll post our photos after this initial posting, if you don't mind.)

I got in around 2:30 this morning after partying hardy at the Hallowe'en bash. Things got off the ground by midnight, with most folks having been viewing the Busan fireworks show first. Y and I had wanted to avoid the fireworks crowds, so we took a bus but ended up passing through the viewing area right around the time the fireworks display was ending so that we got caught in a little traffic for about 20 minutes. For awhile, the Hallowe'en bash territory looked like a ghost town compared to all previous years--we counted fewer than 10 real costumes. The bars were near empty. Finally, one of the Hallowe'en party host bars began filling up and soon spilled out into the street. Not having taken night photos in a very long time, I forgot how taking them was done with my device, so gave up trying. (I just had to hold down the button a bit longer. jeesh!) I guess all the cocktails I had affected my judgement to that degree. Yes, I had a ginger vodka and apple cocktail to start, followed by a whisky sour, then an "appletini" to finish up with a blueberry vodka thing. They were yummy, Though I had eaten early and did not eat while out, and did not drink water with the drinks, I did not feel drunk and I felt fine, though sleep deprived, the next day. I guess I drank at a slow enough pace and had enough ice cubes to mitigate the effects. Anyway, it was a hoot--just what I had hoped for. Y was all decked out and in a great mood for it. We ran into several people we know, like hiking buddies and colleagues, and chatted up some others. I invited some interlocutors to rub my pumpkin "lamp" and ask the genie for a wish. Then I gave out treats of vitamin C packets, ginseng candy, almonds and Xylitol brand sugarless gum. Y took the photos. (I'll post some after this initial posting.) We went into a dance bar and let it all hang out. There were poles for rather tame dancing on a raised platform, and we took it over for a little while, much to the delight of many of the kids looking on. 

I am too wiped out to continue talking more here now. I do have a topic in mind that is related to these happenings this weekend, but I'll have to leave it for tomorrow's blog.

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