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A Year of Living Positively-Day 308

My energy is not quite 100 per cent, and I experienced a brief return of mild congestion this afternoon, so I skipped the workout. Instead, I got some errands and university work done.

As usual, some good things happened. I want to make a special mention of a special turn of events. I beat what seemed like near impossible odds on two fronts: Canadian taxes and a Korean undergarment. Besides, that I had some happy exchanges with people and enjoyed a finer than usual cafeteria lunch. I also accomplished more of the preparations for the big Halloween party this weekend.

Of top priority is the news that the Canadian tax department has finally conceded that I don't owe them any income taxes, at least for 2012. At last, after several years of disputing their claims that I owed taxes on my Korean income, they have backed off. Hooray!

Second in priority is the achievement of finding a bra that fits me in Korea. Yes, in more than seven years of living here, I have not found a bra that fits on the normal department store or lingerie store shelves until today. I need to replace a couple of bras, one of them a sports bra. I tried a few on today, and-what d'ya know!-one fits and supports reasonably well. Hallelujah! Also, the price was pretty good only one-quarter or even a fifth of what one such item would be priced at in a Canadian store. Yippee!

One success was finalizing the midterm test grades of all my conversation classes and posting them for students to see on the system. I also marked the grad students' latest quiz and started refining the next one.

Another good thing was finding appropriate footwear for my Hallowe'en outfit. I found beaded summer slippers priced at under 2,000 won, which is around two bucks. Fantastic! Y and I consulted each other about our respective costumes, and she is lending me a silk scarf for my headdress in exchange for a plastic knife and earrings. The big event is 24 hours away! I'm glad I have costumed company to share it with this time.

Y took a photo of me for my job applications. The Japan people want one and are very particular. I sent it off this evening. Here is a copy of what we ended up with. How does it compare with more colorful one, the studio photo I had done to update my professional/ employment file last year?


I would have preferred having the photo taken in the morning, as I think my eyes still look fatigued. I could have done better with a more patient shooter. Y seemed to insist so I think she needed the company. 

Her mood did not suit mine. Anyway, she can be overly perky, nattering on and on about her stuff so much that it can be draining besides annoying because she is not paying attention to others. I know she felt glad to be sharing something, and happy that I spent time with her.You may just disappear in any substantive form of your own identity and purpose in that situation. In any mood, she has a bad Vancouver habit of spreading negativity in that she opposes or tries to correct everything stated. It’s like a knee-jerk reaction just to object to or counter ever opinion or preference the other person stated. I really cannot be around that for very long because it drags me down. I start to feel like I have to fight just to have my view or preferences acknowledged and respected. I start feeling irritable. Not good.
It should be okay at the party, though, amid the throngs. There will be enough people and distractions to diffuse things. With B coming along, Y will probably act badly in trying to get most of my attention like she did when we all three headed out to the poetry thing. Everything mentioned in the conversation has to come around to her. Actresses! It’s too much. B noticed and was not impressed.
See? I am off track. I have veered from my positive report of the day.

Now I feel a bit worn. I just finished eating and cleaning up. I cooked a tasty meal of cod stewed with assorted green vegetables and onion and mushroom. I want to flake out in front of a TV show and let myself get good and drowsy.

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