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A Year of Living Positively-Day 307

I felt so much better today. Gone the nasal drip and sore throat. Still experienced fatigue, so took a pill to get through the aches the afternoon. Some muscles and my chest plate are sore because of all the strenuous sneezing I did yesterday while confined to my room.
I had enough get-up-and-go to go out and buy brunch and shop for groceries at the local supermarket. Finally, the fridge is stocked up again.
I also had to go to work. Bored at home, I set out a bit early. The meeting I had noted on my calendar was called off until next week, so I puttered. Without any essay from my writing class, there was not much to do except prepare for the evening graduate class.
I rewrote a quiz for the grad students, dumbing it down somewhat because their marks for the last quiz were a bit low. Still, I figured I’d surprise them by designing questions of reflection rather than content, and altering the coverage of material. Indeed, they looked petulant following completion of the quiz, but I can see by a cursory glance at their answers that they managed well enough. They should have, because I prepared lecture notes to review the last lecture topic, and let them take time to read them and even keep them open in front of them during the exam.
I also did a little prep for Monday’s classes. Actually, the student’s festival will take place on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week, so many classes are canceled. I won’t even see my third group of conversation English students and the English composition students that week. So as to keep things balanced, in that case, I plan to give a short lesson on the next unit to each of the two conversation classes I have on Monday, and spend the rest of the time in a class party. I decided on games and songs. I want to teach them “Que sera, sera”, and easy one that I have used for English learners before. Also, I have in mind a pop song by a group named “Gossip” because the topic of the next lessons is on gossip. I have to check it out. In addition to the songs, I’ll let them play a conversational board game on the theme of communications technology, because that is also a topic of the next lessons. Since one of the groups is small, I’ll take them to the café for a treat. For the large group, I’ll bring in some juice and cookies or something.
We had a treat at the end of the day. A performance group from Denmark did a show in the new campus gymnasium this evening, and I caught the last half of it after my class. They all wore red (wink-wink) and danced, tumbled and sang. It was great!


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