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A Year of Living Positively-Day 301

I am so out of it tonight. I am not sure why, but I hardly slept at all last night. Too much green tea in the afternoon? Weighing the costs and issues of taking a job in Japan? Or, just the fallout from working another evening class.
Actually, I felt calm and I believed I had shut out any buzzing in my head about the class and stuff. In fact, there was a concert on campus, which I caught just before going to the class, and the class went smoothly enough. I remember, though, that I was no longer drowsy by class time. (I had wanted to avoid feeling sleepy while teaching; hence all the tea earlier in the day.)
I can’t explain why I did not sleep well. I just know that I lay awake most of the time, got up too early and felt like Hell all day. A brisk workout in the morning made me feel better, and my thinking seemed coherent during the student interviews in my office. I even managed to keep up a conversation over lunch with a colleague after the meetings.
As I had told students to use the time to complete their midterm projects outside of class rather than holding a class today, I was really looking forward to escaping work and going home mid-afternoon. However, there was one errand I believed that I needed to run, and that was to move some money into an account from which my credit card payments are taken.
 I went to a local branch by bus from campus and remained competent enough to carry through with the transaction. I began slipping there, though. I mean, first, I missed hearing my number called, causing me to endure a longer wait than necessary. The teller was bungling things, anyway, so I did not feel conspicuous. After transferring the money, I wanted to use the ATM. I did that quickly then sought the bus stop where I could get on transit to go home, pronto. I got all the way home, and bought some oranges from a street vendor too, when I discovered that there was no additional cash in my wallet. I had a stub from the ATM. I reluctantly made a beeline back to the bus stop and made my way back to the bank. I had a look at the machines—no cash was lying around. I was about to try to speak to a teller, and was reviewing the machine stub, when I realized that the machine had refused me cash since I had mistakenly requested too much. I therefore returned to the cash machine and withdrew the $50, then was thankful to be back on a bus heading home soon after. While traveling on the bus, I realized that I need not have made the trip to the bank today at all, for I recalled that I had had the other bank (the one through which I use a credit card) change the payment due date to the last day of the month, instead of my payday a few days ahead of the last day of the month. That is to say that there really was no urgency to take care of the transfer this week.

Of course, being in a bad mood made me more sensitive to noise and disorder, and today I was indeed acutely aware of rude and annoying behavior in crowds, loud pop muzak, aggravating sounds of constructions and motors, intrusively loud talk and cackling laughter. I was thus mindful of the discomfort that I experience in Korea all the time, suggesting that it may be healthy for me to relocate.

My eyes are just to sore and bleary, and my mind too foggy to think and write anything more tonight. Sorry.

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