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A Year of Living Positively-Day 297

We’re coming up to blog entry number 300!
I had an amazing sleep! I felt drowsy around eight o’clock and kept myself awake until nine, then slept through to four o’clock. I still slept after that between 4:30 and 6:30—over nine hours. I guess I was quite relaxed, having nothing special to do from the afternoon on and enjoying a satisfying chicken curry meal for dinner.
I am drowsy tonight and it is only seven o’clock. I had a full workout followed by a leisurely shower than a nice chicken stir fry with a rice mixture. I do not have any pressing business to take care of tonight, so I hope to get another good night’s rest.
Without the Korean class every Tuesday, I have more free time. On Monday, I can go to the gym after work, for example.
I have stepped up the workout, adding the “rowing” machine to the routine. I continue to do more than 20 crunches at a steeper incline, perhaps at 65%, and some 40 more at the next notch down. Furthermore, I am able to increase the skips. I am doing about 120 straight jumps plus 60 or so slower double jumps.
I weighed myself today, at around five o’clock, just before supper. With minimum clothing on, the scale indicated 61.25 kilos. Without the accumulated weight of water and food, I am probably at 60 first thing in the morning. It could be less than that, considering that today was very rainy and that my body would have absorbed more humidity just from the air. I hope so; my goal is to be 58, without the spare tire around the middle.

Yeah, the weather generated by the typhoon that swept through neighboring Japan yesterday and last night brought heavy rain and strong winds here today. I got on a village bus to get up the hill to campus.

Today I thought about how life might be easier for guys who have traditional stay-at-home wives doing the laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking. No wonder they have more time for extra paid work. Yeah, there are still a lot of Asian woman who will do everything for the guy, subordinating herself to him and giving him more importance, and are willing not to have job experience if they don't have to draw in extra family income. Sometimes I thing that women like that might feel guilty a lot. Anyway, it would be nice to come home and find a lot of the chores done.

How many hours do I spend on such menial household tasks? I am not as diligent about cleaning and ironing as I used to be, but nowadays my residence is tiny. I probably spend 10 hours cooking, three hours grocery shopping, two or three hours on clothing care, four hours and 20 minutes on kitchen clean-ups, one to two hours dusting and tidying the room, 30 minutes managing waste, and 30 to 50 minutes scrubbing or washing out the bathroom. That's a total of 21 to around 23 hours of labor a week.

Today I was talking to someone and realized how negative this person can be. In conversation, this person tends to respond to the other person by objecting or making it about himself. Bad habits.

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