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A Year of Living Positively-Day 295

What a weird day! I woke up as usual around 6:30. I felt compelled to do some job search for work abroad today, and I was particularly interested in following up a posting that I had received about work in Singapore. I never got around to addressing that one, though I spent some eight hours straight preparing and emailing applications for five other jobs. Here’s how it went. Soon after I’d had a cup of coffee, I turned on the computer. I sat there until 4:30!
I suppose that I have been motivated to search new jobs because family members and friends have asking me what my plans are for next year. I did not have a specific plan regarding employment for 2015 until today. Indeed, I realize that I was wading around in indecisiveness yet again. The prodding of my brothers and colleagues has stirred up a desire to settle the question, however.
I was having lunch with a Japanese colleague yesterday and she wanted to share her thoughts as to the question of whether to continue working in Busan. I mentioned that I had actually been looking at postings sent to me from some recruiter in Singapore, and that one opportunity seemed inviting. She feels like moving on too, although she too likes Busan and is enjoying a comfortable life here. She asked me whether I had acted up any of the ideas I had told her about before, such as accepting a teaching position in Japan, and I replied that it had crossed my mind again, but that I was not sure. We both feel we need to think of our future and not get stuck here; we both would like new challenges.
My brothers have been inquiring about my career plans, too. I guess they’d like me to return to Canada. I said that I had little cash after making recent investments, and that it was comfortable and safe to stay here even though I feel like taking on a new sort of work. I woke up thinking about their questions this morning.
By 7:30 this morning, I was online at the desk and working hard. I suddenly felt compelled to check out postings in my home university where I worked and graduated before I came to Korea. There happened to be an opening for which I qualify, so I applied right there and then on impulse. Soon, I was filling out online forms, revising my resume and composing a cover letters for that job and then others. I browsed a job search engine’s listings and found a few college positions either in teaching or management in Canadian institutions across Canada.
As I was working, a strategy formulated itself in my consciousness. I decided to apply for openings available now and see what happens in order to help me determine what to do about work next year. If offered something with enough income that began as early as January 2015, I would have enough time to deal with the move in time to complete the current fall semester at BUFS. If I do not get any response, I will just stay put.
I went on looking for university postings across Western Canada, figuring that I could get a reply from at least one. If not, I will give up the idea of working at an educational institution in Canada. If I don’t get a bite from Canadian prospects or ones in say, Singapore or Malaysia or Japan, I will just hang on here. Now is a good time to research possible jobs, before I have to decide whether to take on another contract at BUFS and with enough time to organize a big move. Besides, I hear that the new contracts cover two years rather than just one, so I should check out my options thoroughly.
I kept at it without a meal all day and barely a sip of anything. I poured another cup of coffee which took a couple of hours to ingest, and nibbled on half a banana and a bit of bread around midday. I also had enough presence of mind to call my brother for a quick chat though it was hard to concentrate on the conversation.
The applications were not totally complete as I do not have any new reference letters on hand. It should not matter in the case of SFU, my home institution, for they are my references.
With a hike tomorrow, I had to shake myself and get it together to go by some more food. I washed out a couple of articles of clothing and made a nice chicken breast and vegetable stir fry over purple rice.

I am feeling bushed again. Also, it is very humid. I wonder if rain is forecast for tomorrow...Oh! A typhoon is in the region and the forecast is dark clouds. I agreed to do a hike outside the city with C and company, but now I don't know.

A posting got nearly 500 views last week, by the way. It is the one that drops the name of the author's registry in Canada.

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