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A Year of Living Positively-Day 282

I am reviewing my goals today. On Day 48 (Volume 1) on the eve of Lunar New Year, I decided on some short and long term goals. I used the book by Dorothy Billington as a guide to goal setting. It appears that the mere act of setting goals pushed forward my goal achievement, for I have already met some of the goals I listed back then around the beginning of this year, 2014.

Here is what I typed up in an earlier section of this text with respect to my ten-year plan. The listed items include specific achievements and general ones that require sustained action over the long term.

The items on my list of things to accomplish in 10 years were long term housing, love, an expanded financial base, more challenging and suitable but flexible work, and a firmer and stronger body. As to how I will accomplish these goals, I decided to do the following:
- increase my income by developing alternate or sideline work right away
-get out more, reach out more and talk to more people
-plan my travel experiences more strategically
-keep researching for work, hobbies, property and finances
-stay positive

I can easily cite my progress. This year, I made steps in the direction of expanding my financial base and working toward buying a home by investing in property. Finally, I have been working out regularly, though I do not detect a big change in my body shape yet.

I have been following my strategy. I continue to work on broadening my skills and developing opportunities and a strategy for ways to make a living into the future, though nothing specific and concrete came to pass on that front in recent months. I am still dead in the water with respect to romance, although I met someone I know I could have a long term relationship with if distance and other circumstances could work out. I can say I know what it is find someone and know that right away. That is a big achievement for me. About travel, I was more strategic in planning my travels in that I held back both in the winter and summer, and, when I did travel, I chose the peace mission and a trip to one of my target destinations, Italy, and the latter trip was for business and pleasure. In carrying out research regarding property and finances, I made two significant investment transactions this year. On the whole, I am staying positive, as I think the blog attests to.

Early in 2014, around Lunar New Year, my five-year strategy towards the above goals was as follows.
The five-year plan is this:
-steady challenging work that I love with extended income
-more published writing
-better relationships: close reliable friends and a lover who is a good companion
-keep up fitness routines
-build social and personal networking

How am I faring with respect to the short-term plan? This year, I found new challenges at work in that I was assigned a graduate course to teach this fall, and I wound up as the local Chapter President of the English teachers in Korea group. However, my income is lower this year than last year. As for publishing, I posted three volumes of this daily blog and more poems on my Smashwords.com profile. To add, one of my poems was chosen for publishing on the Voices Project site, and I am involved in planning a poetry event in my city. Socially, I continue to make headway in that I found more close friends. In the search for a lover, I have not been actively searching much, but I met an interesting prospect. Regarding my fitness, I arrived at a workable routine and am keeping up with it. The networking made great strides with respect to the circles of activists with whom I am associated or linked.

In a notebook, I dug out a hand-written list of my goals for 2014, which I did not include in the blog texts. The first of the goals for 2014 were completing my current contract well. The work is going well and I am keeping my head above water with respect to the student’s and employer’s evaluations. As for the second one, I wanted to save $15,000 this year, and I am well on my way to doing that. Third on the list was the plan to use the gym and I have been doing that. Fourth, was to move into a new apartment. I am in a new one and it is better in some respects, though I was disappointed in two respects: it being a one-roomer, and its location on a noisy street. Fifth was about health; I am supposed to being keeping the cholesterol and weight counts down. My weight is the same as it was at the start of this year, and I have been avoiding transfats most of the time. The sixth goal was to finish the blog and draw some conclusions from the blogging. I have been blogging faithfully, though I have been falling behind in the discussion of the fourth section in this season of change, the fall, of which the topic is supposed to be change. Seventh on the list was writing more poems. I have written four new ones since the spring. The eighth item concerned travel. I met my goal in going to Italy. However, I changed my destination for the August holiday in that I chose the project in Japan over a little tour in Eastern Russia. The ninth goal was to do something with the antique piano. Unfortunately, the only solution was to junk it. Last on the list was a plan to read more books. I have read a handful of novels (Life of Pi, one on the Spanish resistance movement of the 1930s, and… (I am starting to think that I should log the titles of the books I read because I don’t keep books long and then I forget their titles and authors.) I am almost finished reading the e-book version of The Three Musketeers that is available on my mobile phone, which I read while on long rides in transit if the internet is available.

Now I can begin reconsidering these goals and make adjustments. For example, I do not see anything about my future with respect to activism or engagement in social movements on those lists. At least I can say that making decisions about goals and articulating a list of specific goals and strategic methods certainly help to get one gear. I can see that results are taking shape already.

It is Sunday afternoon. I got some stuff on the to-do list done, including a hair-cut and dye job, and studying the last unit of the Korean class. I took some time to watch a movie.

I am back on Youtube. TV programs and movies are less than desirable as many of the ones on the channels that I can use are either too violent or trite, while the episodes of the good ones are aired repeatedly. I don’t mind seeing a good thing up to three times, but that is my limit. Yesterday, I found three good flicks on Youtube right away, the “Great Train Robbery” sequel, which is a recently released British movie, and a light but real movie called, “Sunshine Cleaning.”

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